Monday, 17 March 2008

Why the very stones would cry out !!!!

We have our rock !

We loved our sainted John Paul ; but we remained afraid despite his reassurances that all would be well...even though the world was collapsing around us.

He was right ! and we were wrong not to believe his words of comfort....

Papa Benedict has brought a hope we never thought possible...

with faith we can move mountains ; with hope we can move the world !!!

How ? as always with the Love we never truly lost ; in the past we were merely too frightened to love - But our Holy Father compels us towards being and doing that which we were called to be and do. It's like he's saying 'we're not afraid any more - try your best shot!'

The fight back begins again - for even if we perish in the impending onslaught - we will die and rise again - we cannot possibly lose !


Anonymous said...

Paul, you can not know, but I shall tell you that just before I came online I asked God to let me know if I am called to do something that I have been contemplating for some time now. I have little confidence with this 'thing'...doubting myself in it. I feel that God is speaking to me through your words. I'm going to give it my 'best shot!'

I have spent too many years being afraid.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Paul, I want to 'fight back'. I am trying to do just that in my tiny stay-home-mum way. But there are days when I wonder HOW to do this.
Today I received a copy of Daphne McClouds little mag The Flock. In many ways she says the things I believe are true about the state of Catholic catechesis and education; and I would love to feel I belong somewhere-with a groups of people fighting like me. BUT she then quotes from the Remnant and advertises 'Christian Order'. I just can't be part of that. I came out of the 'left' end of the cafeteria and I don't want to dive off into the 'right' end of it.
These days I feel a bit like a hobbit walking through Mordor with no hope of Gandalf or eagles.