Monday, 31 March 2008

Your prayers please....

I can't really go into details otherwise I would depress the lot of you ; but things are pretty tough at the moment on so many levels ; and your prayers would be appreciated.

Sometimes thoughtless or selfish "insignificances" which seem meaningless at the time can snowball into devastating events in the future for others which can tear families apart and cause them to lose everything.
What is virtually an irrelevant 'nothing' to one can mean 'everything' to someone else. A single act of spite or malice or an off-the-cuff vitriolic retort or simple act of ostensibly meaningless revenge can lead to the most terrible things.

In my experience it has never solely been the big catastrophes or acts of violence or mortal sins which have led to the 'disasters' in people's lives - it's invariably been the tiny almost unnoticeable 'hinge' in destiny - the karmic nexus - the split path where the selfish or reckless choice is made; and it brings with it the deluge; even if the person who makes the choice never knows it's happened and is oblivious to the future sufferings inflicted upon others....sometmes the most benign and inoffensive people can become instigators of chaos.

Sometimes success or failure can all depend on situations where it's "all for the want of a horse shoe nail"....

Of course it has led me to consider all manner of fantastic possibilities for those venial sins I've committed - and how possibly scarring and destructive they were upon others ; and I never knew or understood how thoughtlessly cruel I was , or what sequence of events I may have inadvertently actuated in the lives of others. God has shielded it from my eyes. I wonder how many people I have slighted without ever being aware , how many people hate me for things I have simply forgotten or neglected to even consider, how many have had to conquer themselves and their situation to find it in their heart to forgive me ; and here am I totally oblivious to the possibility that I could have harmed anyone ?

We see through a glass darkly.
Please God, let all our random acts be kind ones....for through them The Lord may work wonders....

Please God let us be wary of the little things...for we are truly unware of the consequences they might bring.

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