Monday, 26 May 2008

Cardinal Kasper tells anglicans to get off the fence and decide who they are....Here's my response.

{Taken from my comments on Holy Smoke Blog }

I'm sorry but choice regarding belief is a modern fallacy: One either believes or one does not - the belief may alter after grace/revelation/discernment ; but choosing ? The option is neither tenable nor ontologically coherent.

When women were 'ordained' in the church of England His Holiness of blessed memory John Paul II allowed all and sundry of their flock into the fold of Holy Mother Church ; with not enough concern regarding their beliefs - we need only refer to the 'convert' clergy who remained most definitely anglican - whether it be of the preening camp doyly wearing High Church who think Catholicism is part neo-Jacobite 'grand tour', part E.M. Forster ; all wrapped up in the trimmings of Merrie Englande's Pugin, Morris and Inspector Morse ! ;
...or the liberal slap-dash misogynistic cafeteria-types who think that Rome is merely a 'flavour' of the same thing ; with excess dogmatic exigents one can excise from believing at whim.

I loved Cardinal Kasper's writing style in his evangelical pop-theology books ; they're perfect as an introduction for the discerning layperson or even seminarian; but one has to admit he most definitely went off the rails in his comments on the salvation of Jews for maintaining their 'covenant' [without] accepting Christ [ yes I know, he didn't say that but he allowed too many to interpret his words that way] ; and here His Eminence makes the same categorical error - asking people to choose what they believe - and these days who the hell knows what anglicans believe ? No two are the same ; belief in God seems to be an optional extra for some of them !

Sure let anglicans become a congruent entity ; let those who find Rome unacceptable state it and stop in the pretence of calling themselves catholic when they deny everything it stands for; let those who , for all manner of ludicrous reasons , believe everything Holy Mother Church teaches but have not yet crossed the Tiber, return to the fold.

But it would be a grievous scandal for those who did not believe [think the Blair incident here] proclaiming one thing before God and his neighbour while believing quite the contrary within.

There's one thing we seem to be reticent to approach -the anglican's reception into the catholic communion and thus being reunited with their baptismal vows:
How many truly with integrity, sincerity and authenticity ; affirmed in accordance with the doctrine of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church ; that what they previously belonged to was neither Christian nor a Church ; but merely a man-made , misguided , sacrilegious, heretical cult ???

{after a few posts someone said they disagreed with me ; and that any sincere conversion was beneficial to Holy Mother Church...}

I'm sorry but where is this disagreement ?
I'm a catholic who wishes everyone to convert - that's part of my Baptismal responsibility !
But we've enough half-baked catholics [little more than enthusiastic pagans] within the Church already and if we have an influx of anglican 'clerics' who feel they should axiomatically be ordained as catholic deacons/priests - a severe problem arises when their priestly/clerical training revolves round a few weeks of courses and interviews at a local seminary or religious institute because they already have a divinity degree !

Certainly we have had wonderful converts ;although many would disagree with me , in my eyes the most profound conversion in England was Chesterton's - not Newman's : The saintly Newman was a romanized anglican of the tradition Aidan Nicholls lauds and wishes to promote as a new English renaissance; whereas Chesterton was so Catholic he made us Catholics more Catholic within.
Some of the best catholics are converts ; but so too are some of the most hyper-maniacal pietistic ones who ; and sadly there are more than a few converts who seek to belong to every clique, inner ring and committee with an to make their local brand of 'catholicism' shape their own image and vision.

Some think SSPX is too modernist and anyone who doesn't wear at least four hair shirts and 17 scapulars and pray hourly to the blessed Juanita Chiquita Rosita Bonita Gomez for all those poor souls sent to purgatory for wearing skirts above the ankle ; are little less than satanists !
Whereas others think that 'real' catholicism is lentil tofu casseroles, saving the planet by only flushing solids, spending hours boring everyone recounting their personal life journey in the spirit and holding someone's hand while sitting on a beanbag and listening to the latest yogic chant based on the speeces of nelson mandela.

Conversion brings out the fervour in people; but if there isn't the necessary humility or understanding behind the professed faith, it can easily develop into a fascistic ideology of either extreme - the Torquemada or the Timothy Leary.

So sure, come one, come all - but for crying out loud will the Church of England and Wales get off their backsides and reform catholic instruction beyond the reprehensible and scandalous RCIA programmes .
Sure we want catholics - but ones who know what they're 'signing up for' would help us all....

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