Monday, 26 May 2008

Proud of My Kids...

I don't suppose many of you have read Anthony Burgess's 'Unearthly Powers' ?
Well the ending has an earth-shattering most bitterly ironic revelation that challenges us to our very core.
Catholicism has an intrinsic fundamental ethical stance : Let the universe perish around us ; But God's will be done !!!
Doing the right thing irrespective of the consequences, whatever the price...however detrimental it is to ourselves and perhaps those we love.

My children have been recently reading the 'Death Note' manga and watching the anime on the internet . When this finished they moved on to watching the excellent 'Monster'.
Individually they kept the big secret ethical dilemma surrounding the first few episodes from their siblings ; and I asked each one in turn : 'Did the Doctor do the right thing ?'

The three all replied that : 'Yes. He did the right thing !'
This made my heart leap - despite all the secular influences and my being a particularly bad catholic ; they still knew what was right...

Maybe you'd want to try yourself out with the same question ?
If you have 40 minutes or so to waste ; take a look - for a cartoon it's really quite good [Better than anything on ITV recently]!

Either follow the links on youtube for the next part ; or if you enjoy it the whole 71 episodes can be found at

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