Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Regrettably last Saturday we had two members of our department off work ; so I was unable to attend the Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Rite [or should I now say Gregorian Rite ? such a wonderful name ! The watcher's rite - so symbolic of our transcending space and time to calvary itself !!] at Westminster Cathedral.
Many Catholics in the blogosphere attended and their blogs are laden with details.
The words of Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyas in the interview prior to the Mass brought me to tears ;

Many of the difficulties come out because they don’t know the reality of the Gregorian Rite – this is the just [correct] name for the Extraordinary Form, because this Mass was never prevented, never.
Today for many bishops it is difficult because they don’t have priests who don’t know Latin. Many seminaries give very few hours to Latin – not enough to give the necessary preparation to celebrate in a good way the Extraordinary Form.
Others think that the Holy Father is going against the Second Vatican Council.
That is absolute ignorance.
The Fathers of the Council, never celebrated a Mass other than the Gregorian one.
It [the Novus Ordo] came after the Council … The Holy Father, who is a theologian and who was in the preparation for the Council, is acting exactly in the way of the Council, offering with freedom the different kinds of celebration.
This celebration, the Gregorian one, was the celebration of the Church during more than a thousand years … Others say one cannot celebrate with the back to the people. This is ridiculous. The Son of God has sacrificed himself to the Father, with his face to the Father. It is not against the people. It is for the people …

[notice the re-affirmation of the true notion of a sacrificial shepherding ordained priesthood ?]

When our illustrious Damian Thompson asked :
So would the Pope like to see many ordinary parishes making provision for the Gregorian Rite?
His Eminence's reply:
All the parishes. Not many – all the parishes, because this is a gift of God. He offers these riches, and it is very important for new generations to know the past of the Church. This kind of worship is so noble, so beautiful – the deepest theologians’ way to express our faith. The worship, the music, the architecture, the painting, makes a whole that is a treasure. The Holy Father is willing to offer to all the people this possibility, not only for the few groups who demand it but so that everybody knows this way of celebrating the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

It's Back !!! After decades of suppression - it's not going away - all we had hoped for but would never have dreamed of envisaging only a handful of years ago - has happened !!! This is the guarantee of Peter.

...of course the 'Tabletista' did their 'Rumpelstiltskin routine' in the shape of that grande-dame Eleni Curti :
Your Eminence, I think many Catholics are rather confused by this new emphasis on the Tridentine Rite, mainly because we were taught that the new Rite represented real progress, and many of us who have grown up with it see it as real progress, that there are Eucharistic ministers, women on the sanctuary, that we are all priests, prophets and kings. This new emphasis to many of us seems to deny that.

His Eminence countered:
What is progress? "Progredire", means [offering] the best to God… I am surprised, because many young people are enthusiastic with the celebration of the Gregorian Rite …

In the Motu Proprio, the Pope's emphasis is on one Rite and two forms, and he describes the Tridentine Rite as "extraordinary". Extraordinary therefore means exceptional, not something that we celebrate every Sunday.

Not "exceptional". Extraordinary means "not ordinary", not "exceptional."

Should it therefore supersede the new Rite? Should we go back?

It is not going back: it is taking a treasure which is present, but was not provided.
… But it takes time.
The application of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council took years. It takes time to understand the deep profundity of the old Rite.
The Holy Father is not returning to the past; he is taking a treasure from the past to offer it alongside the rich celebration of the new Rite. The second Eucharistic prayer of the new Rite is actually the oldest one [in the Church’s entire liturgy]. It’s not a matter of confrontation but of fraternal dialogue.

Now this is only the end of the beginning : Rough times lie ahead ; battles will be fought, personalities will clash; and power-struggles will ensue . Already Bishop Thomas MacMahon appears to have gone on an all-out massacre of the idea by sharing out churches/altars and pulpits with the anglicans ; something so redolent of our present Cardinal's nefarious and sacrilegious machinations of nearly twenty years ago when he was in charge of Arundel and Brighton - but the Bishops , recalcitrant clerics and the professional laity who feel all their power and vaudeville antics are soon to become 'historical anachronistic emotional spasms ' - cannot be allowed to suppress, shanghai or thwart the wishes of Holy Mother Church.

Now one thing really got my goat : Ms Curti's depiction of us all as 'Priests/Prophets/Sovereigns'
In other words , we're the Church now and Rome can get stuffed !
I answered this on Damian Thompson's Holy Smoke Blog:

We are anointed as priest, prophet and king solely because we are incorporated into the Mystical Body of Christ , The Church.

This anointing invokes duties and responsibilities afforded by the consequences of Baptismal Grace from which the benefits are solely directed toward a salvific end.

NONE of us are priests, prophets and sovereigns with any autonomy outside the directives of Christ and the Church.
When we indiscriminately defy the church through thought, word and deed ; most significantly through the teaching [and publishing] of heterodoxy, heresy, apostasy and immorality ; by purporting it to be authentic Christian praxis and the ways of 'future-Church'; we renege on everything our anointing calls from us - we alienate ourselves from Christ.

The bitter irony of a 'tabletista' invoking the anointing which they abrogate at every turn to vindicate, excuse and equivocate their reprehensible agenda is arrant derisory hypocrisy ; and how anyone in this thread can accommodate such a perspective , and launch volleys against our host to defend mzzzz Curti's presumption is beyond me.


leutgeb said...

Sorry that you couldn't come.

It was truly an amazing Mass.

I'm still smiling now.

a-m said...

Trust me, from where I sit in the pew, things haven't changed here in A&Bland since the Cardinal left.

It was amazing on Saturday but as I couldn't see a thing, I'm very much looking forward to watching it on DVD!