Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bit of Politics.

Regettably she failed to become the next Speaker [although I begged her to stand again should the Tories oust John Bercow] ; but it now looks like Ann Widdecombe could be the front-runner to take over from Francis Campbell; and become our next ambassador to The Holy See . The Cameronite Tory hierarchy cannot abide either her popularity among the Conservative heartlands or her conscientious dogmatic idealism ; so they would love to get her out from under their feet - Which is all to our benefit!

Fr Tim Finigan - His Hermeneuticalness - has pricked our consciences regarding our voting habits ; and although being of good canonical rectitude by not promoting any suggestion we either remain within the larger parties and fight for the pro-Life cause from within or join a distinctly pro-Life party ; he has nevertheless informed us of 'Resurgence'
[formerly the political party - the Pro-Life alliance [which now exists as a campaign group]] Check them out - discern one's options; and think of the potential consequences of your action when you place the X on the ballot paper. Remember we are first and foremost members of the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church - NOTHING should prevent us from acting accordingly. Here's one of Resurgence's stances:

Hope for the Future

1.1 Our vision and hope is for a United Kingdom and a European Commonwealth built on the twin pillars of a just democracy and a fair market economy. These must be constructed from the bottom up with the consent of the people and a renewal in moral virtue and responsibility.

True democracy must be responsible and based on absolute and unchanging core values which are ethical, such as the sanctity of all human life and the rule of just and reasonable law.

A market economy must not deny any citizen access to the essentials for playing their part in society. A fair market economy will also be inclusive to encompass free enterprise; private, mutual or public ownership; moderated to the extent that State intervention may best secure and serve the best interests and dignity of the individual citizen.

All economic principles, mechanisms and methods are secondary and subject to the development of the human person and the common good.

1.2 The rights, responsibilities and dignity of citizens must be clearly enshrined and understood. Social justice requires of each individual that which is necessary for the common good. The common good of a society cannot be provided for unless each individual/citizen receives all that they need to discharge their social function. In order to promote the common good of humanity these core values must be a shared vision out of which a common agenda can be agreed.

1.3 Our vision for the United Kingdom is formed on the defence of our historical Christian Democracy which is being attacked and undermined by anti-religious forces. It must be raised up and restored to provide a moral example for the renewal of decency, dignity, honesty, integrity and respect for all. This must be acknowledged by the civil/lay Head of State (Monarch), Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. Our aim is a Democracy founded on Christian principles of Peace, Truth, Justice and Freedom.

1.4 In the words of John Paul II, on the rededication of Europe at the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe in Gibraltar:

Through the Church’s presence since ancient times the message of the Gospel has contributed to the very formation of the culture and consciousness of the various European nations. Christianity is not just part of European culture; it is the spiritual ‘form’ of European man’s approach to the basic and universal questions. It is appropriate that there should be a shrine which will help Europe to recall its Christian heritage and inspire all who come to pray there to build the future of the continent on that solid foundation. Only a strengthening of the spiritual and moral values rooted in “the truth of the gospel” (Gal 2:5) can guarantee that the Europe of the third millennium will be a place of harmony, peace, freedom and respect for life and human dignity.

1.5 Our vision for Europe is formed on the – Europe for Christ! – Charter:-

Europe stands before a crossroads. Europe owes much of its culture to the Gospel lived by Christians – solidarity and human rights, universities, hospitals and cathedrals. Today, however, we risk betraying the soul of Europe. A dictatorship of relativism and a culture of death are omnipresent. Christians are increasingly discriminated against and watch a political tendency in which a humanism inspired by the Gospel is ever increasingly banned into the private sphere.

And yet we have also understood that when God is not our Father, that we are no longer brothers and sisters! For this reason it is important for the future of this continent that we base our culture again on Christ. We seek a Europe in which freedom of religion and conscience is respected, a young and dynamic Europe, one that is a sign of hope for the world.

For this we pray and work


Marriage Care's Terry Prendergast has been up to his nefariously unethical tricks again ; only a month after he was dismissing the nuclear family [a la ekklesia] More can be read at the links below ; but I could only fairly comment if I read more - although many of our catholic lady-bloggers out there have been banging-on about sex education in our catholic schools since the blogosphere started - maybe it should all be collated and sent off to the Holy See before January's ad limina?

Catholic Action UK
The Muniment Room
& The Sensible Bond


The Guardian reports on Tony Blair doing 'the God thing' ; giving a speech at Holy Trinity, Brompton ; you should all by now know what I think of the gentleman concerned ; but the link's here anyway.


Now : Regarding the whole US 'health-care' issue :

a] I'm an old-fashioned 'leftie' - not a communist, nor a trotskyite, nor a Nu-Labour supporter, nor a supporter of the socialism rightly condemned by Their Holinesses Pius IX, X & XI ; but one who supports Christian social democracy ; [akin to the teachings within the magisterial social teaching of Holy Mother Church , the Gospels and the Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy ; and the private-property promoting distributism of Belloc and GKC ] - but given that all these names have now been usurped by groups which are far from Christian, social or democratic - I have very little choice but to call myself either a 'leftie' or a catholic socialist [with a whole barrage of conditionals].
b] From my perspective the very notion of an absence of Universal Health Coverage within a society is an abomination ! It contravenes the Judaic laws of Noah [mandatory and axiomatic from natural law for any community] and is in utter contrariety to the commands of Our Lord and Saviour to Love our neighbour. The very notion of someone with an inability to pay being deprived of medical care is an obscenity - and for a tax-paying nation to be refused adequate healthcare for all is technically a form of judicial murder-by-omission. It is a gross dereliction of duty and abrogation of responsibility to protect and serve the society within the government's remit.
c] In regards to his political life ; I consider Barack Obama to be a monster - He is a man who has promoted and legally accelerated the culture of death to the degree of systemic genocide. I will not give detailed accounts on his wallowing in the blood of the unborn - but it is readily available for all to read elsewhere.
d] It is regrettable ; but too many Catholics within the US have fallen into two categories within the political sphere.
[i] 'Left' - willing to compromise and jeopardise , or utterly repudiate; the mandatory, obligatory pro-Life stance demanded from every Catholic ; in order to promote an ostensibly more just and equitable society. An obscenely deluded recourse ; a reprehensible collaboration with evil.
[ii] 'Right' - Where monopolist , corporate , capitalist, dehumanising and disenfranchising violations against the state's duty towards implementing the collective corporal works of mercy [which cannot be exercised by the individual]; are promoted through a 'low taxes:small government' agenda ; and Catholics - conducive to the right's 'pro-family values', and ostensibly 'pro-life' principles ; delude themselves into believing that a few congruent ethical stances validate the whole package. They do not - and ultimately far too many consider themselves republican first at the expense of their catholicism ; or worse - incorrectly presume that catholic political and social teaching conforms to this right-wing agenda.

e] Because of these phenomena we're left in a terrible situation :
[i] the left are willing to 'sell out' their Pro-Life principles for the provisions of Universal Health Care ; which will of course , in an Obama tenure, mean an extension of state-funded abortions ; irrespective of the diabolical duplicity and mendacity of the Obama camp that this will not occur [ h/t to Luke Coppen for this link to the Catholic Key Blog ]

[ii] the 'Right' have been deluded/indoctrinated into believing over the decades that the Welfare State , and consequently Universal Health Care provisions, are morally repugnant to the point of being 'anti-Catholic' ; as state coercion to provide care and support "promotes indolence, introduces inhumane social engineering ,denies personal charity and is a poor and ineffective means of enforcing society to act like a collective of benevolent individuals" ; thus although the anti-Life position of the Obama propositions may remain the main bone of contention ; the very notion of universal health care is seen as wrong !

The 'Left' [and one need only refer to Catherine Pepinster's despicable editorial in last week's Tablet] are willng to allow the culture of death to thrive if Universal Health Care is the result.
The 'Right' don't only oppose the culture of death ; they also oppose the very concept of Universal Health Care in itself !

f] Now I'm far from a friend or supporter of the US National Conference of Bishops ; but the position they've been forced into has been caused by pressure from the Right and Left - and thus they're compelled to for once in their life - promote the Authentic Catholic Position - Universal Health Care without any conspiracy or compromise with the Culture of Death.
This is something the Obama administration cannot and will not provide - BUT - if Catholics actually took a stand [when nearly 20% of all medical care is provided by catholic institutions] and cast aside their anti-catholic political contaminations of either exteme political persuasion ; something could be done to take the issues out of Obama's hands and into the public domain. Alas for US Catholicism - this will not happen - self-interest and political ideology has poisoned the well.
Is Obama's health care plan viable ? Of course not - it's fomented by those willing to sacrifice human life for any political self-advancement - it's intrinsically and extrinsically evil in its intended furtherance of the Culture of death via abortion and Euthanasia. It is far too high a price to pay - even if a few million had their lives saved or extended through this healthcare provision - the price of paying for even a single murder of an unborn child is too much - and we risk our very souls at contemplating such a collaboration with evil.
Is the 'Right's' opposition to it pure and unsullied ? No - while they maintain this is a Life-issue; when it comes to the underlying position - it's the very notion of a covert 'Commie' welfare state which they loathe - They're ignorantly oblivious to the core of catholic teaching that we are obliged to care for our neighbour at all levels - a a personal, community and national level.
Universal Health Care is a Catholic principle - but they'd rather choke on their own vitriol than ever concede the point or ever contemplate that their version of Catholicism in this regard is far from that within the Gospels.