Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ella Fitzgerald sings 'Love for Sale'

Cole Porter gets me through stacking the fish shelves each morning - if ASDA FM is on loud enough I can belt the songs out without being detected ; otherwise I'm singing them to full orchestra in my head.... My Uncle Tom died last week - a great man without an enemy in the world who lived but a stone's throw from my house and stood by the gate every day with a smile , ready for a chat with anyone who passed by - losing his presence is like being exiled from a part of reality .
His sister 'My Auntie Madge' ; dead for many years - was a Jazz Singer with the Joe Loss orchestra ; and at her best she could have given Ella a run for her money....

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Anonymous said...

Paul, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. May your uncle rest in peace and may God hold you and your family in his love.

As for Cole Porter, now you're talking: "... When grandmama, whose age is eighty; in nightclubs, is getting matey with gigolos: Anything goes!" He's kept me going through some tough times. 18 months ago, I had the local ICU department singing away on a quiet Friday night.