Thursday, 20 August 2009

Repost : St Thomas Aquinas on seeking the grace for a devout life...

Grant me, O merciful God, to desire eagerly, to investigate prudently, to
acknowledge sincerely, and to fulfill perfectly those things that are pleasing
to You, to the praise and glory of Your Holy Name.

Do You, my God, order my life; and grant that I may know what you would have me do; and give me to fulfill it as is fitting and profitable to my soul.

Grant me, O Lord my God, the grace not to fall either in prosperity or
adversity, that I be not unduly lifted up by the one, nor unduly cast down by
the other. Let me neither rejoice nor grieve at anytime, save in what leads
to You or leads away from You. Let me not desire to please anyone, nor fear
to displease anyone except You.

Let all things that pass away seem vile in my eyes, and let all things that are
eternal be dear to me. Let me tire of that joy which is without You, neither
permit me to desire anything that is outside You. Let me find joy in the labour
that is for You; and let all repose that is without You be tiresome to me.

Give me, my God, the grace to direct my heart towards You, and to grieve
continuously at my failures, together with a firm purpose of amendment.

O Lord my God, make me obedient without dispute, poor without despondency,
chaste without stain, patient without complaint, humble without pretence,
cheerful without indulging the senses, serious without being morose, active without
recklessness, fearful of You without despair, truthful without
double-dealing, devoted to good works without presumption, ready to correct my
neighbor without arrogance, and to edify him by word and example, without

Give me, Lord God, a watchful heart which shall not be distracted from You by
vain thoughts; give me a generous heart which shall not be drawn downward by any
unworthy affection; give me an upright heart which shall not be led astray by any
perverse intention; give me a stout heart which shall not be crushed by any adversity; give me a free heart which shall not be claimed as its own by any
unregulated affection.

Bestow upon me, O Lord my God, an understanding that knows You, diligence in
seeking You, wisdom in finding You, a way of life that is pleasing to You,
perseverance that faithfully waits for You, and confidence that I shall embrace
You at the last.
Grant that I may be chastised here by penance,
that I may make good use of Your gifts in this life by Your grace,
and that I may partake of Your joys in the glory of heaven:
Who lives and reigns; world without end.

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