Friday, 14 January 2011

CES : Don't you DARE take credit when it most certainly isn't due....

It's what we guessed all along : Catholic Schools are fantastic at everything - except in being Catholic.

From the menacing caverns of the Ice Queen we're provided with the latest information:

New publications demonstrate that Catholic schools are rated consistently better than other schools

The Catholic Education Service for England and Wales (CESEW) launched two new publications, Value Added: the Distinctive Contribution of Catholic Schools and Colleges in England and the CESEW Digest of 2009 Census Data for Schools and Colleges on Monday 10 January 2011.

Data from Value Added demonstrates that, according to Ofsted inspections, Catholic schools rated consistently better than average on all criteria. In terms of overall effectiveness, Ofsted judged 73% of Catholic secondary schools to be outstanding or good, compared to 60% of schools nationally. For primary schools, 74% of Catholic schools were judged outstanding or good compared to 66% nationally.

The Census Digest shows that these results are achieved with intakes of Catholic schools that are socially diverse. The data shows that Catholic schools have similar proportions of children eligible for free school meals as schools nationally have, and are more ethnically mixed than schools nationally.

Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP, Chairman of CESEW, said “These two publications make it very clear that Catholic education continues to make a very important contribution to the future of our society. Furthermore they show just how well taxpayers' money is spent when it is channelled into Catholic schools.”

Oona Stannard, Chief Executive and Director of CESEW, added, “These publications demonstrate that our high standards are not a flash in the pan but carefully sustained and nurtured over time. I am particularly pleased to note that our achievements are also matched by conspicuously high scores for personal development, including enjoyment of school. To have such happy and successful outcomes doesn’t just benefit the pupils- nearly 30% of whom are not Catholic - but also shows the Church making an investment in the future well being of society through Catholic schools.”

"Our achievements" eh Oona darling?

Exactly how many Catholic schools have closed this year?
How many Primary schools have but a handful applying for their reception class; forcing Head Teachers to alter their admissions policies to allow anyone of any faith or none through the doors ?
Wasn't it only a few weeks ago that Sacred Heart school in Blackburn - which was 90% Catholic only ten years ago - ceased to be a Catholic school and instead was handed over to the local mosque after its pupil ratio became 96% Muslim ?
Did the local Catholic community simply vanish?

What's the lapsation rate for Students in Catholic secondary schools Ms Stannard? Ninety er what percent?

When you helped compose the Sexual education government proposals - which would have forced Catholic schools to teach "impartial & objective" [euphemisms if ever there were] lessons on contraception, abortion, extramarital and gay sex - did you give any due concern for this being utterly contrary to your executive remit as head of the CES ; and your baptismal vows as a Catholic  ?

..and finally ma'am - Connexions !

Contraception provision , prescribing of the morning-after pill, abortion referrals, conspiracy with the sexual abuse of minors via sex and relationship advice and counselling for those under 16 - and giving them the contraception to act out what they're taught ?
All within the safe confines of a Catholic school - with the bitter irony that the school nurse has to ring a parent or guardian for permission to give a student an aspirin!!!

Don't you ever think we don't know what's happened to our Catholic schools throughout the land.
Don't think we don't know how your direct policies have disenfranchised and alienated Catholic children from their faith, their traditions, their heritage...

You want an award for all your hard work ?
Don't worry ma'am - I'm sure all we Catholic parents will have a whip round to give you just what you deserve....

On an unrelated topic : Anyone know where we can buy a millstone?

Fr Ray & Laurence England have a lot more to say...


Paul Mallinder said...

Absolute rubbish.

Paul Mallinder said...

I am so sorry for the comment. It was put there from a "friend" on my PC as I took a comfort break! I was reading your blog and she posted it. She thought it was a laugh to wind me up. Again, many apologies. Pax, Paul

On the side of the angels said...

Not a problem in the slightest, sir.