Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Message from the Save Cardinal Vaughan School group.

Update: Cristina Odone blogs on the issue :

Dear All,

Please take the time to read this. The Vaughan Parents Group has set up a website at the following address:
Please JOIN the group for regular updates.

As you may know, the appeal against placing Paul Barber, the man who want to change the Vaughan irrevocably, as a governor of our school, somehow failed. It is hoped that with your continued support the case can be heard - there is no clearer conflict of interest in my mind.

- There is NOT A SINGLE parent of a boy at the school on the governing body.

- The chairman of the governors is current chairman at another school in the diocese - how can he devote the time needed in the role to the Vaughan and act in the Vaughan's best interests?

The new governing body is a logic-defying daylight coup by the diocese who are determined to change the school rather than focus on other catholic schools which underperform hugely.

The next meeting of the Vaughan Governing Body will take place on 2ND FEBRUARY AT THE SCHOOL. The Vaughan Parents' Action Group is organising a Candlelit Vigil, beginning at 6.15 outside the School. The primary intention of the Vigil is to pray for the future of the School, but we also want to make the governors aware of the strength of feeling of parents, pupils, Old Vaughanians and others.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn out en masse to show your support for the school. This method has worked before when the diocese wanted to remove the sixth form and WITH YOUR SUPPORT - IT CAN WORK AGAIN.

This is a very dark time for the school we love and owe so much to. Please tell everyone you know about the vigil and make every effort to attend. The new governing body MUST be made aware of the strength of feeling against its new make up and this is our only chance to do it before the Diocese attempts to thrust a headmaster upon the school who will not be sympathetic to the schools ethos, catholic past, present and catholic future.


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