Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Promise - Confronting Fr Martin Rhonheimer and his lethally erroneous 'prophylactic intent'

Here's the deal: I was on James Preece's blog "Catholic and Loving it" the other day - discussing the technicalities of the scandalous Rhonheimer/Ivereigh paradigm...

[regarding condom-use for prophylaxis being permissible if the intention is towards preventing transmission of infection rather while inadvertenly and unintentionally contraceptive]

...with Nicolas Bellord - the lawyer who has unswervingly campaigned against the conspiracy with the Culture of Death at the St John & St Elizabeth Hospital [provision of contraceptives, morning-after pill, abortion referrals etc - ongoing after direct orders from the present Pontiff for it to cease - alas +Cormac and +Vin have defiantly refused to exercise their Apostolic duty to prevent this - but that's another story]

I commented that if I were able to return to my blog I would definitely "Take on Rhonheimer" and disseminate his writings - but that would require a new computer as my present one wouldn't even permit me access to my blog without crashing...

Now God certainly has a sense of humour; for at that very instant on another side of town my partner Nicky and my elder son Jay were staring at a 'special offer p.c.' and conspired between themselves to buy it for me - irrespective of our having no money - they bought it on the credit card.

So - here I am!

...I've been challenged to actually 'put up or shut up'

But where does one start?

I've lost virtually all my blog-followers because of my long-term absence ; so who will ever read this ?

What right have I to challenge the 'great and good', the 'movers and shakers' in the modern Church ?

Well ?
I don't think I'd be able to look myself in the mirror if I didn't do this now - because this is important - and I've yet to see anyone delivering the authentic orthodox Catholic teaching on the issue in full - and that terrifies me !
The whole Church should be speaking with one voice on this issue - and frankly it isn't - the Faithful should be fully aware of the Catholic teaching - and it isn't!

Not only that: The faithful are being lied to : By Catholic journalists, commentators, priests, bloggers, the Catholic media...and the voices of orthodoxy [even prominent Princes of the Church] are being dismissed, suppressed, ignored or even misrepresented.

Now I've been on the online Catholic scene for over a decade - and never before have I witnesed such a travesty - such a distortion of reality - and it terrifies me - for this fiasco to occur less than a year after the systemic anti-papal witch hunt by the mainstream media over his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse ?
It's deplorable !
A scandal upon us all.
...and there will be consequences for our failure.

So? This looks like it's going to be a long-term endeavour so I'd better hurry up about it and decide where to begin...
2004 and the Tablet article?
No : beginning at the beginning will only confuse the issue.
Tell you what - let's start at that fateful night when l'Osservatore Romano reported the Papal comments from 'Light of the World'.


Joseph Shaw said...

Welcome back!

You might be interested in my analysis of Rhonheimer's latest letter, linked from my blog - basically his position requires him to say that sodomy is only wrong if it has a contraceptive intention. A very odd position to take (no pun intended!)

Catherine said...

Good to have you back! May I suggest that you post the return of your blog on facebook and twitter. I am sure many of your followers will be delighted at your return to the blogsphere.

God Bless


James said...

Welcome back!