Saturday, 29 January 2011

Weapons of MASS Destruction pt 2


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You posted this on Damian blog on 31st Jan.
Hey !
What about Tina Beattie's blogpost on the ordinariate she took down after 'complaints' ?
[i.e. she didn't like being humiliated by the comments from Fr Ray, Laurence England and myself which kinda contradicted her version of reality and Catholic teaching]
Still - it wasn't as bitchy and pig-ignorant as the article to which she referred from Peter Stanford.

Not only is it rude, insulting and arrigant. it paints Catholics in a terrible light. Sick Freak!

On the side of the angels said...

Sigh - did you bother to read the offensive anti-Anglican bigotry from both parties ?

Did you read their arguments - allegedly pleading for the plight of poor celibate Catholics or ex-clerics? or the comments about the wives' outfits - or the outrage when a wife actually hugged her husband?

I'm not the sick one.