Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Save Cardinal Vaughan Candlelit Vigil Tonight 6p.m.

Update #1: Story hit Lunchtime news BBC London news on Cardinal Vaughan School + Michael Gormally

Update # 2: Diocese responds with a "Know thy Place & be Thankful"
Bullying demeanour - ignoring all the issues.
Westminster only compounds its deplorable actions

Update #3
Damian Thompson re-Blogs on the increasingly embarrassing situation


Message from Campaign representative Dominic Brennan:

Dear All,

The Candlelit Vigil to protest (peacefully) against what the diocese are doing to our school takes place tonight. Please come in your numbers and bring friends and family so we can display an overwhelming resolve and get the message across that we're not going to take our school being metaphorically bulldozed lying down.

I'll see you all at 6pm

Best wishes


Now you'd have to have been camping on Alpha Centauri not to know what's happening to one of the best Catholic comprehensives in the Country.
Cristina Odone & Damian Thompson have both blogged on the scandal .

Former Headmaster Michael Gormally [who if you remember - at his leaving mass was treated to a 'wonderfully awkward' Homily by Archbishop Nichols - an address to the faithful on their responsibility to their Bishop - which boiled down to something redolent of the Daleks "You will obey!!!"] has written to parents [click to enlarge] I will also include Mr Gormally's letter to Archbishop Nichols,but all transcripts detailing the fiasco are available here

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pattif said...

Thank you, Paul, for blogging on this, and for your trenchant support for the Vaughan on blogs passim.