Wednesday, 2 February 2011

SPONGEBOBARU!!! How the Japanese MUST be doing something right if their kids can be so filled with wonder!!


Anonymous said...

You claim to be a Catholic and a Father of three, step Father to another. Well, your dreadful foul mouthed tirades on Damian's Blog causes me as a parent, grave concern.
There is a terrible anger in you, if you display this kind of anger on a public blog what do those poor children see at home? And your language is disgusting. Is this the kind of language you use in front of your children?

You witter on about respect for the unborn...come into the real world Lad, you can't even respect your fellow bloggers. Little wonder you were kicked out of Seminary. Get your own house in order before you preach at the rest of us! Quite frankly, this hero worship you have for Damian, Frs.Ray, Finnigan and James Preece is vomit worthy. Do you seriously think these men are your friends?

On the side of the angels said...

Sorry but I'm afraid you don't quite understand the nature of Damian Thompson's blog.

It's a tough environment requiring a thick skin and a willingness to confront issues head-on ; the language can be vulgar - but in no way as obscene as the proposed positions of the posters.

You don't know me or my private life or my family life or my history ; and as you've brought up seminary I was not kicked out of seminary - far from it - I was their prime honours student.

Hero worship?
You presume too much - we're associates who have virtually nothing to do with each other apart from the occasional discussion online. In fact when it comes to myself and Damian, and it's no secret, apart from sharing new year niceties we are definitiely in each others' coventries.

Now I'm sorry but the anger isn't in me - if you knew me you'd see me as a passive, hard-working caring parent who hadn't the time, energy or inclination to be angry or aggressive.
On the blog one adopts a different objective persona - it's about arguing - not quarreling - as a Catholic I expect my Church leaders to at least teach and preach the faith - at present they are not - and this requires protest and action - for their sake as much as ours.

Now whoever you are - you must be either very upset in some way or are here to make a statement for an ulterior motive ; if it's the latter then I'm afraid it's your loss.
If it's the former I must counter with why are you transferring your anger or anxiety to me?

You're basically accusing me of being disrespectful, foul-mouthed and angry - but you haven't said in what way I am wrong about anything.
If I am mistaken or misled or misunderstanding a situation - then please pray elucidate.

Otherwise all you have said is that I am not a nice person, a bad Catholic for being offensive and pugnacious and that you don't like me.
Your prerogative - and maybe my approach to this fight is the wrong way - I'm not rich or well-bred or cultured or metropolitan or au fait with the well-mannered argot of the movers-and-shakers - I just happen to believe I'm right - and I'm sincere in that belief.

To me? For someone to not recognise and believe in a God is a tragedy.
For our Catholic leaders to not hold and teach the Catholic faith - is a nightmare.

Please: Like me or not - at least see that my heart's in the right place - I didn't start this fight - but I have few qualms trying to be one of the people who are helping to try to end it....

Sincerely: God bless