Sunday, 6 March 2011

What I ask of the Bishops Conference of England & Wales: Why Must The Show Go On?


Ttony said...

Even if you take away things like CAFOD and the CES which are separate organisations, you have to remember that the CBCEW directly employs 39 FTEs in total: 23 in the General Secretariat.

I scratch my head.

Student said...

Sounds like you were at the LSE lecture. Can you tell me please what questions were asked by the audience afterwards? Text available but not the reaction. If you have found this online could you give me the website. If not, could you summarize please. Thank you. Genuine request.

Angelo said...

Long ago I read your blog. Today I wanted to say hello. Congratulations, very beautiful.
My prayer and a hug for you
sorry for my English, I'm Spanish

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Paul can u send me your email address I lost it?