Thursday, 21 April 2011

Living the Faith Radically pt 1

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Anonymous said...

Accepting absolutely every aspect of RC teaching at the drop of one's hat is not an easy demand to make of anyone. Is there really no room at all for a person who has been brought up in the RC faith, to have some doubts and to embark upon a journey of questioning, working it out and (hopefully) eventually coming to a deeper understanding? Must such a person instantly "get out" [ie, leave the church] if they have any doubt or area of confusion in their minds? This preacher seems to be implying so. No doubt he has followed and obeyed Catholic teaching perfectly since childhood, and has never been known to commit even the most venial of errors? If he has not (as I suspect is the case, as he's human) then he should make allowance for others like himself.

Consider St Peter, 'the Rock'. Did Christ say to him "before the cock crows, you will deny me three times, and I'm telling you, that's IT, I'm finished with you, you're OUT, there can be no wavering, as I'm fed up with these luke-warmers"?? No. Absolutely every Christian, whether Catholic or reformed, is a sinner, and needs to grow gradually into unity with Christ. It's no good this chap preaching this austere "accept it all or get out now" message. In the real world of real people, we have to accept and nurture those whose faith is at a weak stage, and not demand that they leave the church just because they might have some doubts or questions. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.