Thursday, 11 October 2012


When you say Yes to God unconditionally, you have no idea how far this Yes is going to take you.  Certainly farther than you can guess and calculate beforehand… but just how far and in what form? At the same time, this Yes is the sole, non-negotiable prerequisite of all Christian understanding, of all theology and ecclesial wisdom.   - Hans Urs Von Balthasar

...more and more frequently the government/secularism/social services/the Intelligentsia are recognising Catholicism as their arch-nemesis - and are acting accordingly - in the name of tolerance/multiculturalism/community cohesion and human rights of the individual - Christians are slowly becoming perceived as more and more 'intolerant and bigotted' as those goalposts of 'tolerance' are constantly being moved.

We're misogynists [especially Catholic women - traitors to the sisterhood!]
We're hetero-supremacist [especially our celibate homosexuals who are denying their sexual ontogeny]
We're murderers [all those millions starving and dying of AIDS because we're pro-life opposing abortion, contraception, population control etc]
We're enemies of Truth [because we say the Truth is the Person of Christ, real, eternal and we perceive it through a glass darkly - not the 'truth' of many incompatible truths which are created in the situationist pragmatic mind or by sub-committee or in an academic wunderkind's latest treatise] We're enemies of individuality [by refusing to neither become homogenised into the all-embracing 'holistic' collective of the new world order nor Ayn Randian NeoCon hyper-libertarians]
We're enemies of the state [by rendering to caesar that which is Caesar's and God which is God's]
We're enemies of the collective [because we will not subsume our individuality within it]
We're the enemies of the victim [because we will not side with them in their martyr fallacy that their victimhood makes them right]
We're enemies of authority [because we will not side with them in their 'Last Man Standing' fallacy that their position makes them right]
We're Intellectually evil [because we believe in original sin and the weakness/frailty of human beings]
We're enemies of justice [by believing in justice tempered with mercy for all - not just for those 'on our side']
We're enemies of equality - denying human rights which we deem diabolical human wrongs.
We're enemies of the family [for suggesting they should be allowed to thrive socially and economically as parents and children - and not as some post-nuclear family amalgam where anyone but the biological parents care for the kids]
We're enemies of the sick and elderly [by suggesting their last few years should be lived out with care and dignity not finished off prematurely with pneumonia or a removed feed-tube ]

...the list goes on, but most of all...
We are enemies of love and beauty and human authenticity [for a hundred reasons- a hundred lies].....
Some even have the gall to say that our Pro-Life witness makes us an enemy of Life itself!
We're enemies of everyone and everything !!!

And the outrage at the 'evil' inherent within the Catholic church is becoming more vociferous; and is rapidly turning to the law to defend itself against our malevolence and cruelty....

..and sadly our leaders [especially the Bishops Conference & its affiliates and quangocracies and our elitist professional laity and 'specialist' clergy]  are panicking - and reassuring all these 'champions of tolerance' that they are not the guilty evil participants in the Catholic conspiracy against a secular world peace.
They rather apportion the blame on the 'traditional recalcitrant deluded non-socially aware Catholics' [i.e. we poor orthodox and morally coherent sinners who actually believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church [and His Holiness] and all that is taught therein...]

How many are saying "Don't blame us - blame them - blame him the guy in white...we're not your enemy"?

Are we? Are you? Am I?

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