Monday, 18 March 2013

Creating a Pope in their own image...

Aren't you just sick of it all?
I refuse to engage with facile hatchet-jobs and malvinas-mania
..and as for the CVeebies spinning faster than a kenwood multichef and then having the audacity to accuse others of doing it and pontificate that they're above that sort of thing?!!
Ivereigh et al are plastic Mahonys - sans the frankness and erudition.

Less than a week into the Pontifical role and every word and act is being apophenically scrutinised:

"His Holiness ate an apple for lunch"
What can this mean?
A defiance of Pope Benedict's opulent profligate grandiosity when he [so "Vatican  insiders" tell us] dined on gold-flaked pomegranates?
Solidarity with the oppressed amazonian indigent orchard-farmers?
Maybe it's a snub to the fascist Junta 'Banana' Republics?
That by preferring things fruity maybe he's going to change Catholic teaching on clerical celibacy?
That by eating a Pink Lady he's going to allow homosexual and women priests?
That he loves [apple-label] Beatles Music and wishes to insert the lyrics to John Lennon's "Imagine" into the second Eucharistic prayer ?
That by eating an Apple he is expressing disdain for Microsoft's population control program in the developing world?

Ye gods!!!
...and I can understand the good intentions of Fr Tim & Bishop Davies & Fr Z...
But seriously!!!??
Calling for Loyalty to Pope Francis??!!!
Have they any conceivable notion on how gravely offensive and 'bang out of order' this is?
He is the Successor to Peter: End of Story.
Those who are take great umbrage at the suggestion we're not...
Those who aren't have no need to be reminded that they 'might possiby be doing something wrong?' rather they need their backsides kicked from here to next Whitsun and back...If they aren't loyal to the Pope they're, as someone aptly put it; "Protestants speaking Latin"...

 But to call for Loyalty? if we're the Tory Party and there's an imminent vote on a European issue?
 Sorry but I want to bang all your heads together...

At Present I regrettably have to join with Clement Attlee and say to virtually anyone inferring all manner of hyperbolic speculations from anything our New Pope says or does - ESPECIALLY in relation to the Pope Emeritus...

"A period of silence on your part would be welcome"

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tuleesh said...

That last line is something Cdl. Mahony out to take to heart.