Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sick of the Revisionist Deception...

For weeks we've had a list of savage indictments hurled at the Vatican as the source of the majority of problems in the Church - conspiracy, corruption, machiavellian machinations and constant power-struggles.

...and that what was needed was a Pope who would clean out the augean stables

...then everything will be ok...

Well contrary to what we may have been told in the media over the past few days
- the rot, the poison, the real malevolent mendacious malice ISN'T simply a Roman phenomenon's everywhere!!!

Just like they made every attempt to blame the Pope and Rome over clerical sexual abuse
[when the rules were set in concrete since 1962 - "report it and deal with it or be excommunicated within a fortnight" but our illustrious dioceses decided they knew better]

...and it's Bishops and dioceses and conferences and journalists and quangocrats and professional laities 'knowing best' on every issue under the sun which has left us dwelling in this relativistic, loveless, lifeless chaotic desolation where 96% of our young abandon the faith [maybe returning for nominal matching, hatching and despatching where it's less a sacred place or a sacramental rite but more a fashion accessory as innocuous and pancake day, christmas trees or easter eggs]

The Tablet and Catholic Voices may echo the mainstream media's obsession over
'cleaning up the Vatican being the main priority'
and the 'pastoral challenge of delivering a message that the world will listen to'
or 'confronting the majority's secularism and relativism'

...when we truly need to take a looooooonnnnnnng look in the mirror and shout 'physician heal thyself first!!"

It's so bad out there
...and so many are in denial

...and I think I'll kick a cat if I hear one more person say
'but look at our vibrant enthusiastic youth who embrace the extraordinary form'

[I repeat - we have 96% lapsation - a handful of bridesheadian metropolitan luvvies doth not the Catholic Church maketh!!!]

...and 'look at our young priests who are much more conservative than those from a generation ago'

[really? can you prove to me that this isn't merely a zeitgeist/fashion thing? isn't it simply that being 'trad and fogeyish' is just being trendy and potentially being as shallow as the hippy gurus of the 70s & 80s?!

Isn't it a lot of style over substance?
Sure when I was young Priests were quoting John Lennon and Bob Dylan lyrics & name-dropping Merton, Eckhardt, Kung, Schillebeecx and Curran and amidst the 'groovies' and 'cools' they'd use words like 'kerygma, eschaton, kenosis' justify believing nothing the bible and vatican said and prancing round an orange box altar in a poncho, emotionally sobbing over a John Michael Talbot song or Taize chant....

But I ask you is it anything more than vulgar self-indulgent narcissism for the new crowd to instead insert latin/italian words into every other sentence - namedrop certain elitist clerics of certain upper-class establishments - dress like they've just dined with Lord Peter Wimsey and name drop a litany of obscure church fathers - pugin and newman and gaudy baroque effete victoriana - BUT meanwhile possessing one's own entire set of beliefs just as unCatholic as the hippies but claiming that they're validated by obscure passages of Polycarp or the 2nd lateran council or a Belloc essay

...What's the point in all the show of maniples and mantillas
if 'ban the bomb' simply turned into 'justify the bomb'?
If Maoist 'liberation theology' turns into Ayn Randian 'libertarian theology'?
If a group hug tambourine jamming-jive on the sanctuary simply turns into 'look at me - like my frock? aren't I wonderful performing the right actons with impeccable latin pronunciation?'

The first message of Pope Francis is we have to start living the Gospel rather than talking about it...
I pray to God that message hits home...
And we stop this farce that things are getting better when the wilderness is encroaching and within a generation we won't have a vocations crisis because there won't be any Catholics left to which Priests need minister...

We do not belong to some elitist social circle, inner-ring or glorified gentlemen's club or association for retired gentle-ladies...we're Catholics!!!

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