Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A little wish list

His Holiness repeatedly and strongly urged The Prayer to St Michael the Archangel to be said by the faithful after mass - we do so here in my parish and some [few] dioceses have had Bishops re-impose it at the end of mass [e.g. Paprocki in Springfield] .

It would be a good thing to re-introduce universally at the end of this Year of Faith - as it would announcing Our Lady as officially 'Queen of Priests' - as Pope Benedict wished to do.

But then again I'd formally introduce Sunday Quaternation to ensure that the majority of the faithful in this country & the western world were able to attend a Sunday mass after Midday
AND mandatory Sunday exposition
AND mandatory Saturday confessions [all too many churches have reverted to 15 mins before mass]
and mandatory monthly Novena devotions...

..but here's my biggie for the Year of Faith

Most clerics defy the Canon Law directive to continue with ongoing study
Most Bishops who do not have a Doctorate at their consecration are expected to study further to achieve one...

Well if they're all going to disobey the law of the Church?
The Vatican should take this to hand and ensure it cannot happen
By doing it themselves.

Register the Bishops at Pontifical Academies and give them a time limit to complete their doctorates
Publishing yearly educational material on doctrinal and moral theology, philosophy, scripture study, liturgy, Church history and spirituality, apologetics and evangelisation in the modern world etc...which every cleric is expected to learn with his brother priests and deacons....

It might also be a good idea if no convert priest was permitted to have their own parish for at least five years after ordination to ensure they were suitably educationally, spiritually and pastorally trained in the Faith [after the fiascos that happened in the 90s with the fast-track anglican vicars who had a few months part-time training in seminary and then given carte-blanche to run a parish without having a clue what to do - with the bare minimum knowledge of what Catholicism actually was!]

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