Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Excuse me - not our job to persuade - but to inform

We preach Christ Crucified
- we let our lives and words be witness to the reality of the Resurrection and the Subsisting Truth in the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church...

Argument is sincere - it's also highly respectful to the other person in that it seeks to win the argument and leave the individual free to ponder, discern and freely convert/repent/whatever...

This 'gentle persuasion' baloney is a psychological assault - it's neither gentle nor persuasive - attempting to brainwash a person via exigents and the most appalling form of proselytism
- I'm nice
- we're all friends
- join us and have a hug
- now try to believe what we say is true [and it doesn't matter if you don't as Faith is a gift from God - you'll just have to pray very hard and be a good little bunny - because all God wants you to do is belong and try very hard]

Chesterton was asked why he became a Catholic
"To have my sins forgiven"
5 words!!! A second to say: An eternity to explain

Respect your opponent enough to tell them the truth

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