Thursday, 26 July 2007

Crossed signs- mixed messages....

I was over at the Lacrimarum Valle blog
[Dr Matt & Wendy Doyle + baby - beautiful people ] and a posting mentioned
the change of Logos for the University of Birmingham ;
This reminded me of my time at All Hallows College, Dublin.
[It was a seminary ; but the laity will pay through the nose to feel special and 'in ministry' so the staff thought 'why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free ?' Sadly Priestly training ceased there years ago....]
Around the end of my first year there the logo changed - it was supposed to indicate the message of the Cross being spread to the four corners of the world....
Recognise the symbol? Perhaps you may have seen it in metal hanging on a chain from a goth or emo's neck, or tattooed on their inner arm ?

That's because the logo is remarkably similar to the arcane/hermetic symbol for Chaos [sometimes called the chaostar or chaos arrow or the star of Eris] Remember too that one branch of atheistic satanism/luciferianism is known as chaos magick and its adherents use this symbol :
Charity compels me to presume it was all innocent and above board [the Cleric [of blessed memory] in charge of publicity had the IQ of a rubber plant ] and a product of sheer ignorance [incidentally it started off as merely blue ; now it has a rainbow leitmotif [rolling eyes!] - but it's like a reform synagogue replacing the star of david with a swastika.
When you think of all the fuss that modern liturgists make about symbolism - you'd think that someone would have said something in the twenty years it's been used.

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