Thursday, 26 July 2007

A little tear of happiness - what a Pope we have been blessed with !!!

On holiday in the region of Cadore, and on an
evening stroll last Friday, the Pope met a few villagers :
"Good evening!", he said. "What an honor, Holiness...", some answered. A lady reminded him of her having sent a bouquet of stelle alpine [edelweiss]. "Yes, that is true, thank you!", the Pope answered. "I sent you mushrooms," another one said. "Ah, yes, the mushrooms, I have eaten them," said Ratzinger.
Then, approaching the journalists who expected him with open notepads, he shook their hands and asked them: "Why do you write? There is no news...".
The response seems like something out of John's Gospel !
During my time as a seminarian the whole milieu was one where 'the rat-zinger' was equivocated with Vlad the Impaler; always on the alert to excommunicate any woman found on the sanctuary, a tyrannical bogey man of the uber-right whom the legends declared drank the blood of oecumenists and considered the cold was God's way of telling us to burn more homosexuals!! How so many people could vehemently despise a man they had never met and never even bothered to read spoke volumes about the antipathetical 'progressives' - all peace and love, group-sharing, three hour long tear-laden bean bag lounging 'Taize'masses, golden girls-type group hugs, folk songs with vegetarian quiche and elderberry wine, long personal revelations concerning their lives in the spirit - these people were saccharine-sweet - unless anyone disagrees with them, then the claws come out !! Saying 'Ratzinger' in such a place would be considered as offensive as saying 'Eichmann' in a kibbutz
...and then The Holy Spirit asks him to become Pope !!!
My screams of joy were practically orgasmic - but after a few minutes of running around cheering, dancing with my children and trying to explain to Nicky my agnostic partner why this is of such wonderfully significant importance, I caught my eyes in the mirror as I heard he was to be called Benedict - a beautifully poignant name - so laden with history and symbolism.
An american progressive 'priest' in abject distress [probably late for his oecumenical massage and brazilian waxing conference] came on the TV news and vituperatively declared the Church didn't deserve 'Ratzinger'.
I agree - we most certainly did not deserve this Gentle ,Beautifully-Souled Genius. God has promised he will not leave us orphans, no matter how much we stray [and BOY have we strayed over the past few decades] and he has sent us a Holy Father who Loves God and his neighbour with so much integrity and sncere devotion that he will relentlessly strive to Shepherd his flock in accordance to God's will.
The man has care written through him like a stick of rock....
God has such an ironically 'wicked' sense of humour [can I get away with saying that ?]
Can you imagine being a fly on the wall in some of the more liberal parishes or retreat centres or bishop's palaces/chanceries when the news of the conclave came through ?
It's a terrible thing to record but my old priest/boss when I lived in the US told me of a local 'priest' who prayed daily for the death of Pope John Paul II and his replacement with a liberal progressive pope. I'm not a violent person , but attitudes like that make you want to just recoil in horror and then knock his lights out ! I truly hope God's gift of our new Pope made this despicable reprobate cleric question his reprehensible attitude.
Next time you see a photo of the Pope just look into the eyes - what do you see?

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