Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Phew ! Finished at last....

Well I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't finished it; or are even waiting the few years for the film version ; but let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the last Harry Potter Novel.
A few years ago I was caught up in a debate regarding the allegations of the books' potential risks to children via Magic and Paganism - I denounced such claims as ludicrous ; using as weapons many of Chesterton's arguments regarding the wonder and importance of fairy tales in people's lives.
The message behind these books is pure and beneficent : It's about Love and family and friendship and redemption and a struggle against evil - and what's more it's fun !!!
I felt a bit of a tyrant a few years ago when I banned Philip Pulman books from the house and the children's bookcases - I dislike the man's opinions - intensely; and loathe his writings as reprehensibly cynical, morose and invoking despondency and a world devoid of wonder.
Yet a local schoolteacher was amazed when I allowed my children to watch Yu-Gi-Oh and read a novel by Otfried Preussler called 'The satanic mill" [now called 'Krabat' and soon to be a feature film] as it was a tale of black magic users in rural Germany - May I say that This Novel, together with 'The stone and the flute' by Hans Bemmann are two of my favourite books where fantasy , wonder and the age-old light vs dark struggle is portrayed with humanity, sincerity, human authenticity ,warmth and wit.
We have nothing to fear from Harry Potter - It has lit up millions of children's lives and brought them to the wonder of reading and we should thank Ms Rowling for it...
- although I must admit when it comes to my children - the national curriculum terrifies me !!!

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