Wednesday, 29 August 2007

#8 A response to a really nice orthodox catholic who suggested we purge all homosexuals from seminaries [and that we had available means to do it]

[I sincerely apologise for this crude posting, but we were in a rather heated discussion]
[Please ignore this - it's not exactly conducive to what this blog is about]

Vincent, what exactly do you think should be done ?
wire all prospective seminarians up to a heart monitor and see if it beats faster when they watch 'naughty knickers and the lash of lust' or while they flick through a dieux du stade calendar ?

sexuality doesn't work like that,
sexual attraction is a complex thing that requires channeling in order to become an efficacious part of the celibate life,
it doesn't need to be suppressed, seen as something sordid or lascivious, but something that needs psychologically liberated from physical desire and endocrinal urges......

the straightest father of twenty would look twice if a young David Beckham walked past...a gay friend of mine said jokingly that he felt guilty watching Diana Rigg in the Avengers because it was compromising his homosexuality!

To be frank and somewhat crude, we don't want clerics sticking their dinkles where the sun don't shine - whether they are gay,straight, bi or have fetishes for garden furniture...

The only way to ensure this happens is by yes, weeding out those who will never be able to resist diving into sexual activity, but also by ensuring that those who have a willingness for celibacy have the support and pastoral assistance and training to help it come to fruition - clinical psychological counselling and spiritual direction and practical applications in the outside world will assist this....

Go on an all-out 'queer-hunt' and you'll soon discover that so many seminarians [and staff] are so sexually ambiguous that after you've finished the only person left on the seminary site is an elderly cleaner and the cat [and even he'd been speyed!]

It's a sad state of affairs but we have to be honest here; we are always going to have homosexual as well as straight clergy; but the only decent ones who manage in their parishes to be effective,dignified, orthodox pastors are the ones who have channelled that sexuality into their daily lives - not frightened of their own shadow, flinching from any intimacy, there are few things more sad than seeing a young priest who can't hug...

The priests who are living their celibacy are the ones we should exemplify, not the others,
it's the priests who have run away and hid in their presbyteries, locking themselves away every weekday and only appearing for a few select performances at the weekends; too frightened to visit female parishioners while their husbands are at work lest tongues wag...

never mentioning anything to do with sexuality, in fact being highly prudish about sexual educational material in the classroom
but still he'll have his mucky books under the mattress, watching the free ten minutes of the adult channel...and heaven knows what's on his internet search history ;
but even so he's terrified to talk to a young female member of the parish and so terrified of being thought a pervert that he makes all the altar servers girls and has nothing to do with their training....

priests are called to live their celibacy, not stifle and kill and suppress their sexuality - it's ridiculous to presume it's possible - lacordaire said a priest needs a heart of bronze for chastity - chastity and celibacy are only possible when that sexual dynamism is transcended through acts of charity and devotion towards others - and for that a priest needs a decent life of prayer and meditation, and also the ability to get off their backsides and start shepherding their flock and being involved in their lives!!!

One old cleric once jokingly said to me [quite coarsely] if you want to be a fisher of men you have to get your hand off your rod and start casting out your nets !crude, but very apposite.

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