Wednesday, 29 August 2007

#9 The response was 'purge the morally schizophrenic homosexuals' - I replied...

You talk about moral schizophrenia

- this is a Church post-vatican II dude, what do you think we're living in ?

Are you aware of the flagrant heresies and apostasies, sacrileges and heinous moral compromises being taught in our seminaries, being preached from our pulpits, being pronounced or approved by conferences of bishops ?

For crying out loud wake up !

Look at our children being doctrinally abused in the classroom with mendacities alleging to be catechesis ['catholic christianity' being the most blatant one]

Our parishes are emptying en masse because of the systemic plague of despondency our priests are contaminated with

...even the Polish immigrants are spending the little money and resources they have on building their own churches here because they are horrified at the abject dearth of spirituality in our Parishes...

And if you think it's bad here you should see the US where every priest can do as he bloody well pleases and not only get away with it, but get paid for it too !

Millions of "dispossessed , aside thrust, chucked down by the sheer might of despots' wills" to paraphrase the blessed cardinal...

But what about homosexuality in the seminaries ? Vincent, I have to tell you it was a major problem twenty years ago; but really now you have very little to worry about because there are hardly any seminarians left !

...and those who are there are not inveigling themselves into 'dens of iniquity' to get their wicked ends away - those days have gone !

The Seminaries of the western world are empty , defunct, surplus to requirement...

Young men aren't becoming seminarians because young men aren't practising catholics any more - the catholic education system and the clergy and the diocese have abandoned them !

Trust me, the majority of seminarians in this country now are there because they had to fight to get in and fight to stay there.
They are the ones who are orthodox , devout and loyal to Holy Mother Church, it's their teachers, rectors, spiritual directors and parish priests back home who are the ones who have compromised their priesthood and their faith to the point of dissolution...

The seminary gay subculture is vanishing - the seminary culture is vanishing; because the church is vanishing before our very eyes...

Young priests are some of the only hope catholicism has in this country - the eastern europeans bring most of the rest ; because we, as a catholic people, have abandoned our church and allowed reprehensible travesties to occur within it for forty years now - and did we fight , did we ever make a stand ?

NO ! we grumbled, moaned, whinged, complained, but we still rolled over passively and submitted to everything, until it got to the stage where we gave up caring about anything and walked away.

There's a catholic school a stone's throw away from my house, couple of hundred kids attend it - you can count on two hands how many attend Sunday mass...

I come from a highly devout huge scottish catholic family, my grandfather's family helped build the shrine to Our Lady at Carfin, my grandmother took three cleaning jobs on and one of her wages went solely to help build the catholic school - but how many of her dozens of grandchildren attend mass ? you can count on one hand !

A third of our town's population of 60,000 are catholic - if 1% attend mass it's been a good Sunday...

We're screwed ! Big time ! Sure it's not got that bad in the south of England or Scotland yet, where catholic communities are more ritualised - The majority of our diocesan priests are in charge of two or more parishes - and because of the seminary mentalities and horrendous example these priests were given when they were young by uncaring , negligent post vatican II priests , these priests really think they are doing their job by merely providing a single sunday service and odd wedding and funeral.

They are bored out of their skulls !
Lonely, isolated, distant from their ageing parishioners and other clerics - they really don't see much point to it all now; their parishes are dying ; they feel that their own souls are dying ; this isn't a crisis of faith, this is a crisis of existence !

The media are against us - the secular morality of the tabloids and Trisha/Jeremy Kyle are most definitely against us...The uneducated big brother watching masses of ignorant feral youths are must assuredly against us...

Academia [even the ostensibly catholic halls of education] ridicule orthodox devout catholic sentiments as anachronistic, misogynist and sexually repressive redolences of a crumbling Patriarchy....

There is a new catholicism-ism - one that is oblivious to any sexual or life 'sins' - one that denies the authenticity of the Incarnation, resurrection , real presence, efficacy of the sacraments or Our lady's virginity - mention the assumption and they'd laugh in your face, mention the potential sinfulness of the condom or pill and they'd think you as viciously cruel - gone are the days of cafeteria catholicism - this is picnic christianity with a tiny hint of catholic ritual.

Hundreds of thousands of catholics in this country went through devastating times in the eighties and nineties - unemployment, family and marital breakdowns, bereavements, illnesses, depressions, divorces, problems with kids involved in crime and alcohol and drugs...major crises

and where were their fellow catholics ?

where were their fellow parishioners?

where were their priests ?

A friend of mine went to confession about twenty years ago - there she confessed how she was a nun who was duped into running off with a spanish man who swore he loved her but proceeded to philander, beat her up, steal everything she owned, sexually molest their two children and rape her if she tried to prevent his assault on the two children... she risked her life to escape to england penniless, mentally and physically wrecked but slowly, steadily trying to get her, and her children's, life back on an even keel - but her hatred for her ex-husband was eating her away....this was the first time she had built up the courage to tell any human being what she had gone through...this confession was a critical moment in her life....

The priest sat there sighing, picking his nose, looking at it and eating it, then sighed a big long sigh and told the poor woman to cheer up - the weather has got a bit better and we've got some nice sun now...Now for your penance...

Not a word of sympathy, consolation , empathy nor any offer of assistance or aid....this seems to exemplify the contemporary church and the condition of the clergy,
For all I know this priest may have been desperate to reach out and help but he had never experienced any training, teaching or good example to emulate ?
[I'm sorry that's a lie, this priest wouldn't ]; but that's not the point ;
our priests are just slightly informed well-meaning pagans who are pastorally inept beyond credulity...

No Training.
Reprehensibly poor education.
No example from other clerics.
No shepherding from their Bishop.
We have to do something - and while you're worried about whether your new curate is worried about his bum looking big in his chasuble ; catholicism is collapsing around you!

Bishops are still writing ad clerums about praying for young men to come forward in our time of vocations-crisis...

They really shouldn't worry, come the next few generations, unless something drastic is done NOW, there won't be a lack of priests, because there won't be any catholics !

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