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Friday Quiz Answers

Big Thank You to All those who took part:

Will keep it going for a few weeks and see how it goes....

[should anyone disagree with the answers please feel free to correct or remonstrate with me]

a] Saturday was retained in the Norse Calendar by alluding the God Loki [also known as Sotur
or Sortur] to that day. Yes the day was always derived from Saturn but the Norse made it Loki-Day.

b] In 449 Bishop Dioscoros of Alexandria coerced [via deprivation and intimidation] imprisoned bishops to sign blank sheets of paper - false confessions/approvals of procedures ensued. It has been used the whole world over ever since.

c] Barabbas is not a surname - it's akin to the colloquial 'his father's son' i.e. 'father unknown' ; despite many centuries of revisionist scholars attempting to find some symbolism or deeper historical significance to the name ; it's with a deep and bitter irony that Jesus , the Son of God,
is refused the liberty granted to 'Jesus [as Barabbas was known in the Alexandrian Gospel texts] the Bastard '

d] A Twitterbit is the name for the Hinge on a pair of scissors !!! [fascinating fact to wow your friends with]

e] "Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength."
Saint Francis de Sales

Lateral Thinking

This is an aspect of what I used to call the 'Fallacy of Adequacy'
the Hijacker only needs one parachute.
But how could he trust a single parachute given to him by the authorities ?
No. In order for him to be safe he must ensure the parachute has not been sabotaged and is safe - and that requires two parachutes !!!! - one of a pair, either of which may be used on a potential hostage.
Demanding two was the only way to guarantee he would get a safe parachute.

Tough Puzzle
[sitting comfortably? - right, deep breath]

a] the first use of the balance has to be FOUR units against another FOUR.

[if these balance then you are only left with four possibilities for the real princess, [see later*]]

but this will on more occasions tip in one direction.

b] [This is the clever bit .] Having four of a potential group is going to make the real princess' discovery too difficult - we need to make the subsets into groups of three or less - this requires you to next follow this pattern

XXXX ========OOOO........................................++++
[down]......../\......... [up]]................................... [unweighed]

Change them to this:

XXXO ========X+++ ............... .......................OOO+
Now use the balance for a second time

i] if it still goes down on the same side the princess is heavier than the rest and one of the XXX on that side.

ii] if the balance doesn't tip at all , the real princess has been removed and is in the OOO and is therefore lighter

iii] if the balance tips in the opposite direction the princess is either the single X and heavier or the single O and lighter [ so for your third balance you need only use either of these against an already proven fake - any tip proves it's the princess, any balance proves the unweighed one is.]
*If the balance doesn't tip on the first weighing , leave three of the eight used in one pan and weigh these against three of the four unused [any tip reveals it's one of those three, no tip means it's the one never weighed]

c] You are now reduced to [at most ] a single group of three possibilities for the princess; and the knowledge of whether she is lighter or heavier.
The third and final weight is to simply take two of the three possibilities and weigh one against the other - the tip reveals the true princess, a balance reveals it's the unweighed third possibility.

So No, you did not need to know if the real princess was heavier or lighter than the demon fake princesses at the beginning of the puzzle - you can find it our for yourself - but on some occasions mere deduction/luck can mean that you discover the princess without even needing to know if she is heavier or lighter.

[A Very Well Done to those who got the correct answers]

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