Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas...already!!

As I'm rapidly careering towards forty I get the funniest feeling I'm trying to recapture my youth [I was too busy doing 'Churchy' things for it to be mis-spent].

One of my few pastimes was boardgames - Talisman being my favourite.

But my beloved ex-landlord absconded with most of my belongings in '95 and the massive fantasy game with its four separate boards, dozens of metal figures etc probably ended up in a skip or a charity shop - to replace it all would cost hundreds...

But miracles do happen ! A new edition of the game is being released in October

and The kids and I are going to be very happy bunnies come Christmas morning.

seriously I could not recommend it more , so if you're stuck for something to get for kids with a reasonable attention span - Buy this !

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