Thursday, 23 August 2007

How to start a discussion....

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Ok. Here's the puzzle - Yes most of you probably know the answer but even after all these decades there are still millions who don't - If you're ever 'trapped' in a room filled with people and a deathly silence pervades the air - ask this puzzle; I guarantee people will start to talk - if not argue heatedly :

Three Men order a shared room in a Hotel [each paying £10] for a total of £30
One of the men tries the Shower and discovers it's broken.
He rings down to reception and the manager apologises and says they'll have to use the shower at the end of the corridor; but he'll send up a minor refund for the invonvenience.
The manager slips a fiver to the bellboy and tells him to share it among the disgruntled customers.
The bellboy [being human] can neither work out how much five pounds divided by three is; let alone being able to find enough change to provide three equal shares...
So instead the bellboy pockets two pounds for himself , and gives each of the three irate customers a pound refund.

Now this means that instead of paying £10 each for the room, the men have paid £9 each
Now 3 x £9 = £27
and the bellboy kept £2 for himself ....
but that only makes £29 !!! and Not £30
Where's the missing pound ?

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