Saturday, 25 August 2007

There's a difference between being a 'Fool for Christ' and being downright ignorantly cretinous!!

I have a real problem with professionals : 'professional' laity, 'professional' clerics; but most especially 'professional' Bishops.
Ever since they stopped being truly pastoral and visiting /interacting with ordinary members of their flock ; the only people they encounter are academics/representatives of specific causes or socio-cultural 'positions' ; and therefore their perceptions of reality are distorted into believing that society is a series of social ailments which need to be countered 'head-on'.
Invariably what these 'pressure groups' determine as the great overriding social malaises are the ones closest to their sentiments - racism, homophobia, homelessness, wife-battering, environmental issues etc...and the major imperative issues that are pervading and destroying vast swathes of society are neglected, dismissed and ignored as lacking 'relevance' - Some of these issues are not conducive to 'political correctness' ; they may not be 'right on' ; they may require intervention with a specifically catholic pastoral morality which would be antagonistic to all the secular 'plans for action' which the activist has become engrossed in/contaminated with. Therefore those involved become corrupted with the 'spirit of the age' and the demeaning marxist 'perceptions of reality'.
Yet these people are the ones 'close to the Bishop' or 'holding the Bishop's ear' ; and the Bishop's understanding of society becomes warped according to the agenda of these 'well-meaning' deluded gullible individuals who aspire to be 'relevant'.
Look at this latest ranting from an Australian Bishop : It's not indicative of how socially aware or concerned he is ; it reveals how little he truly knows about both the human condition and the abject neglect of those for whom he was ordained, consecrated and installed to care for; while he listened more to the 'professional laity ' and activists around him...

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson says the Catholic Church needs to reverse 2000 years of teaching on sex and power as part of radical reforms from the Pope down.

While it refuses to look at some fundamental teachings — including sex outside marriage, women priests, homosexuality and papal power — the culture that produced and protected abusers will continue, he says.

These explosive claims — unprecedented for a bishop — are in a book to be launched tomorrow: Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church.

Bishop Robinson, 70, who was abused as a child, headed the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference professional standards committee for a decade until he retired because he was so disillusioned in 2004.

Calling for the most radical changes since Martin Luther started the 16th century Protestant Reformation, Bishop Robinson says the Pope has failed the church, and the church has failed its members.

"I'm aware of how radical the call I'm making is. I'm looking for a very different church," he told The Age.

He said the response of the church, especially the Vatican, to the sexual abuse crisis did not go deep enough. "The most profound factor about sex is that the church has had a morality for 2000 years based on offences against God and I find that quite inadequate. I ask if we should move to a morality based on relationships, on good and harm to people."

Bishop Robinson said the Catholic Church centralised too much power in the hands of the Pope. "The entire responsibility of the church throughout the world to something as big as sexual abuse depended too much on the response of one person."

Bishop Robinson proposes stripping considerable power and authority from the Pope, who would speak formally on behalf of the church only after consulting it. The Pope would function more like a prime minister than a monarch.

He was an auxiliary bishop of Sydney until he retired in 2004. He's still listed on the archdiocese's page. With Cardinal Pell being the archbishop I'd think he'll be persona non grata shortly.

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