Friday, 10 August 2007

What is she playing at???!!!

See the pretty young thing on the right ?
looks like she couldn't hurt a fly ?
Masters in Theology and Philosophy from Oxford
Another Masters from Durham, Qualified Social Worker and Catholic Activist;
Perfect Angel don't you think ?
I can personally testify that said young lady , while still at school,
a full foot shorter than anyone else, was a dedicated, devout catholic, who participated in/helped run practically every
school or youth group religious event. Coming from a large Irish catholic family she was a devoted sister and daughter. Mature, highly intelligent , responsible, well ahead of her years.
I haven't seen or heard of her for years ; the last time only shortly after the tragic death of her sister [ my friend and classmate] .

Until today.... and I am gobsmacked !

Bishops of England and Wales Support Book Attacking the Pope [edited from other blogs]

Heads ought to roll for this!
Bishops support book attacking the Pope [Daily Telegraph]

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has helped commission a withering attack on Pope Benedict XVI that also refers to the atrocities of 9/11 as “the ‘terrorist’ attacks” in inverted commas.The Pope, who "cannot understand the developing world"
Catholic Social Justice, a volume of essays put together by an agency of the Bishops’ Conference, systematically rubbishes Benedict’s first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (God is Love).
The book has been given a glowing foreword by the Bishop of Plymouth, Christopher Budd.

Benedict is accused of taking an ideological position in favour of “the capitalist system and colonialism”.
We are told that the Pope’s views on social justice are “hardly credible” in view of the Church’s historic record of violence, torture and theft.
We learn that the Catholic clergy teach that “men are superior to women” because they are more in the image of Christ.

Pope John Paul II is also criticised.
According to Fr Tissa Balasuriya, the author of the relevant essay, both John Paul and Benedict lived their lives “in a world dominated by white racism” and therefore could not understand the developing world.

This judgment has been produced under the aegis of Caritas-social action, an agency of the Bishops’ Conference.
In other words, Catholics in the pew have helped pay for an attack on the Pope.
But worst of all, in my opinion, is this passage in Balasuriya’s essay:

“The 21st century was born in violence, with the ‘terrorist’ air attack on New York on 11 September 2001 and the invasion of Iraq by the USA, the UK and Australia on 18 March 2003.”
Those inverted commas are despicable.
Did the Bishop of Plymouth notice them before he recommended the book in his foreword?

Philomena Cullen, one of the editors, attacks “the ideology of the nuclear family” and endorses “the open family ideology rooted in a feminist perspective”.
Cullen – social policy coordinator of the Bishops’ Conference agency – notes that all dominant ideologies entail the misuse of power, “whether manifested as sexism, racism, disabilism, ageism, hetereosexism”.
How much evidence do Catholics need that the Bishops' Conference has been hijacked by pragmatic, situationist, heterodox activists working under the patronage of bishops who are in many cases doctrinaire liberals so ill-informed and of ulterior motive as to be heretical ?

Pope Benedict is incredibly badly served by the majority of his English bishops, at least one of whom – Budd – is undermining the Pope by putting his name to this book.

[Not exactly my opinions on the issue, but they do state what the publication sadly declares - oh and get this - guess who's one of the contributors to this travesty ? - None but our old friend - the guy we love to hate , always there to make us laugh , HANS KUNG!!!]

You know the saddest irony to all this is that a fellow student from the catholic school both Phil and I attended ultimately became a victim of the 7/7 bus bombing ; I'm personally outraged because a cousin of mine died in 9/11; but how could she be so callous or negligent as to allow a book with her name on the front to have a contribution that placed terrorist in quotation marks...? I'm embarassed for her; and informed her of this earlier this afternoon.


Psiomniac said...

Hello, I do hope you are well.
I must say that yours is a rather personalised if vivid account of the internecine warfare that plagues the Catholic heirarchy.
The poster boy at the top of your blog is rather attractive though.

On the side of the angels said...

it's called heralding the new messiah...
part of my faith
it also looks like I did many years ago; and is redolent of a wondrous night I went out in the snow at college in only cotton pyjamas, fell to my knees and tasted the falling flakes... a joyous memory.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I saw you had been in touch with Ms Cullen. I hope she at least will try and explain's a mess.

God bless

Psiomniac said...

Well, if you looked like that then all I can say is you must have turned a few heads. Especially whilst eating snow in pyjamas I'd bet.