Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Another purgatory puzzle

Remember Angels always tell the Truth
Demons always lie
Humans can either lie or tell the truth on whim.

But Philosopher-Humans can only alternately tell the truth/lie. One must follow the other...

Now you're travelling through the Philosopher's sector of Purgatory and you've become lost...

Descartes walks by and you ask him are you travelling in the right direction ?
'I think not !' he says and disappears in a puff of logic...

Heidegger is busy moving scatter cushions around [in purgatory he's an interior 'dasein'-er!!?]

Two existentialists are fixing the light : One is changing the lightbulb and the other is observing how the lightbulb symbolizes an incandescent beacon of subjectivity in a netherworld of Cosmic Nothingness. The Behaviourist is arguing that it's not the lightbulb that needs changing - but society. The Marxist agrees ; declaring that the lightbulb contains within itself the seeds of its own revolution....

You travel deep into the jungle to consult the zen buddhist on a way to get out, but after two days of sitting on a rock being told by the wise old sage : 'the way in is the way out, and the way out is without the way in of outerness inside- and it's all way out man' ; you decide to find your own way out...

You reach the final room of the philosophers , knowing that angels and demons are now among you and the philosophers; guarding the exit...

six doors: each a different colour

six entities: angel, demon or philosopher...

five of the doors open trapdoors and chutes leading down to Satan's subterranean sauna...

only one door leads to the stairway towards Heaven.

but the six entities are arguing about which door....

Pertinax: "Oh, of course--it's the black one or the light blue one."

Aleph: "It's either black, yellow or purple, or Pertinax is a Demon...but not both."

Ethaniel: "No, it's either red or purple, not green."

Dante: "Ethaniel, you're a Demon."

Ethaniel: "No, I'm not, but you are."

Severian: "OK, well, if I'm a Demon, then you're right, it's red or purple."

Corwin: "You are a Demon--I'm not, though."

Aleph: "Yeah, Corwin or Pertinax is an Angel."

Pertinax: "Personally, I'm a philosopher, and it's either the green, blue or purple."

Bethel: "No, it's either the yellow, green or red."

Ethaniel: "No, it's none of those."

Corwin: "It's yellow, blue or red, not green."

Bethel: "I guess you should listen to Corwin--he's an Angel."

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