Tuesday, 18 September 2007

aw! bless his scarlet socks....

I'm sorry but this really takes the biscuit...
After a systemic assault lasting forty years upon the catholic parish and the structure of the church ; at the weekend where the Motu proprio is implemented;
returning the extraordinary rite to its rightful place...
Any comment ?
Certainly !
Take a look at this !

Cardinal Invites Catholics To Reach Out To Lapsed

A national initiative is being launched to invite Catholics to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of people in England and Wales who have been baptised but very rarely, if ever, attend Mass.

The initiative is themed “Where are they now?” and is designed to raise awareness among the Catholic community of the integral role that each person plays in inviting their friends and family back to Church. The campaign will begin on Home Mission Sunday which falls on 16 September 2007. It is being resourced by the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE), which is an agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Resource packs have been sent to every Catholic parish and religious house.

His Eminence, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, addressing Catholic parishes, said: “My dear friends, I urge you to take part in this initiative. All of us know someone who no longer attends Mass. This is a great sorrow for so many of us. In a non-judgemental way, as the Body of Christ, let’s go out to the lost sheep with a message of love, acceptance, welcome and reconciliation.”

Meanwhile, Mgr Keith Barltrop, Director of CASE, said: “Most Catholic families have members who, for different reasons, no longer go to Mass: some lost contact during their teenage years, others drifted away after a broken marriage, whilst some have had painful experiences with the Catholic community. Our initiative aims to encourage Catholics to listen respectfully and lovingly to people’s stories and invite them back. A simple invitation could make all the difference in the world.”

He added: “The Catholic Church has never been an exclusive body, catering only for a spiritual elite, but a net in which all sorts of fish are caught, to use the Gospel image. The good and bad, the fervent and the lukewarm, saints and sinners are all part of what makes up its rich tapestry, so there will always be ‘lapsed Catholics’ to reach out to and that is what we’re inviting parishes to do.”

“The reality of a large number of non Church-going Catholics is not a new part of Catholic culture. There have always been a significant number of Catholics who rarely attend Church. As with other denominations, people get baptised, but only a proportion will regularly participate in their local parish community. Our initiative is therefore trying to address and positively respond to a long-standing part of Catholic culture.”

Dean, now in his forties, lapsed when he was a teenager and came back after recently reading the novel the Da Vinci Code. He said: “I was away from the Church for 26 years and during that time only came back for ‘hatches, matches and dispatches’. Ironically a work of fiction called the Da Vinci Code reignited an interest in my faith and religious history. Shortly after finishing the book I went to Confession and haven’t looked back. I now realise God loves me and the fact that I’ve been away from Church doesn’t matter. If anyone else is thinking of coming back, please don’t hesitate. There are loads of people ready and waiting to help you.”

Home Mission Sunday is a special day when Catholics are invited to pray for and support the work of evangelisation in England and Wales. Parishes are invited to take a collection to help fund CASE’s work. Materials provided include: bidding prayers, homily notes, a “welcome home” booklet, poster and sample outreach leaflet.
More resources are available online: www.caseresources.org.uk

The September initiative will climax at the beginning of Advent when a national media campaign will be launched called Come Home For Christmas. It is hoped that parishes will issue invitations and put on local events; the September launch therefore gives parishes three months to prepare, supported by CASE’s materials.

In some parts of England and Wales, it is estimated that, up to two-thirds of the Catholic population are non Church-going (lapsed). However, there are signs of recent significant growth due to immigration. (1) A recent report, for example, highlighted that three million people in England and Wales would come to Church if invited. (2)

For more information please contact CASE at tel. 020 8458 3316. Email: info@caseresources.org.uk

Now what in the name of all sanity is this about ?
Could they be possibly beginning to worry about the practical disintegration of catholic mass attendance in this country ?
Priests no longer visit parishioners or interact as a shepherd or a 'fisher of men' in their communities, the sacraments are disrespected [none more so than penance which has been deemed virtually obsolete] the mass has been turned into an aspiritual 'neo-protestant word-tennis' or the 'presiding minister and professional laity vaudeville extravaganza' and catechesis has vanished into oblivion...
and NOW they show some concern for lapsation ????
How are they going to remedy the situation ? what are THEY going to do ?
Oh nothing...
they expect the catholics who do attend mass to do all the work for them...
Do they seriously expect catholics to proselytise the mass and the wondrous works of the priest and the parish when nine times out of ten the parishioner attends mass out of love of God and devotion to the church IN SPITE OF the Mass and the attitude of the priest? I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have the inclination to tell these 'fishers of men' to 'go fish!' and sort out their own problems then maybe, just maybe , people will start returning to the fold !


Phil said...

Hey, welcome back - I was starting to worry.

I love the way you phrase things, I think some of its rubbing off on me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

A lot of Catholics are still patiently waiting for our leaders to let us know that Latin Mass is now more widely available. Many Catholics are still not aware of the new provision of 7th July. Yet we`re being asked to invite our lapsed friends and families back. to what ? A church that is openly defiant to The Pope ?

On the side of the angels said...

I have to concur - the 'clergy-ista' are really getting on my thrupennies at the moment - they spend forty years neglecting the 'ordinary' laity to the point of desertion and now they expect the remaining laity to sort out the problems they've made !!!

Sorry Philip, was away all weekend in Southend at a wedding...now working early afternoons Monday and Tuesday as well as every morning except Sunday - so with prize-giving on monday evening I couldn't even check my e-mails; let alone blog...