Monday, 10 September 2007

Highly Recommended !

Jeremy Pitt-Payne, all round genius and one of the most devout and orthodox catholics on the planet [as well as the one of the funniest and most talented] ; was once a seminarian for the diocese of Northampton. God had bigger plans for him and now, as a father of five daughters in the diocese of Peoria in the US ; he has become one of the foremost advocates for , and teachers of ,authentic catholic sexual morality ; the love and understanding within this book will blow you away. This is only one of the reviews:

A Challenge to Pro-Life Christians is an excellent synopsis of human sexuality as designed by a loving Creator. Jeremy Pitt-Payne offers a kind of Contraception 101 - demonstrating all that the contraceptive mentality has wrought. He ably connects the dots between the cultural acceptance of contraception, the rise of “sterile sex,” a culture of death, and all that lies ahead. This is a timely and eye-opening book. - Tim Drake, staff writer, National Catholic Register

Buy it. Please - This message needs to be shouted from the rooftops !!

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