Wednesday, 19 September 2007

I'm Jealous...

My Parents, sisters, relations , associates, partners, friends - in fact virtually everyone I know has received something during at least one school prize giving.

Me ? Nothing, Rien, Nada....yes, laugh away at the reprobate !

And now my elder son - wait for it - Jamie Corwin Listener Seraphim Harkins-Priest - is following in the family tradition by winning a prize ; and rubbing my face in it....well, he deserves to gloat !

Incredibly he received the award for his Foreign language skills - which is quite ironic considering he rarely says anything remotely resembling english; and even then it's a few mumbled words emanating from under the hair ! His Emo-'Black Parade' Jacket had to be surgically removed with many a grievance for this photo to be taken...

Here he is receiving his cheque, silver pen and certificate from Simon Weston ! [who gave a brilliantly inspiring speech about perseverance]

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gemoftheocean said...

Hurrah! Which foreign language? Special snaps if it's latin.