Sunday, 9 September 2007

Know thine enemy - a defence of the 'Devil-Box'

Wow !

Television is getting a kicking from many of our catholic blogger friends ; who have denounced it as a threat to our valuable time, our catholic sentiments and our all-round sanity !

Deeming it as an unnecessary restrictive exigence which can be excised from their lives; they've liberated themselves from enslavement to the cathode ray tube and vowed never to return to its perfidious enticements...

My response ?

Well of course there are great benefits in abandoning the one-eyed monster : More free-time; less opportunity to become overwhelmed by the subtle mendacious manipulations the media has become expert in ; significantly less corruption/compromise of principle of the younger members of the family ; fewer contaminations of our perceptions of 'real life' through the reprehensible soap opera or outrageously hyper-real 'true to life' dramas ; less temptation to wile away one's hours consorting with phenomena that numb our minds, distort our appreciations, jeopardise our revulsion of pornography and violence...

But you see this is where my problems with 'ousting the electronic inveigler' arise :

a] Amidst all the dross there is a vast amount of good programming that is informative, educational and instructive ; nowhere near enough, I admit ; but ample to ensure that many ideals, aspirations and 'ways of thinking' are not lost - that the prevailing ignorance and lack of pedagogical resources within the community is countermanded with intelligent, thought-provoking and inspiring resources that the watcher may never encounter elsewhere.

b] The News on the Radio is simply inadequate for a holistic understanding of the issues at hand. Sometimes a news story requires the onscreen imagery in order to impinge on our conscience or for us to empathise. Ditto documentary, social commentary, political or global analysis...sometimes seeing is a criterion for understanding.

c] Understanding the perversions of Metadoxy - let's face it ; the majority of people are ostensibly semi-decent ; so why has this culture of death, of sexual recklessness, violent , uncaring , negligent hostility ,prejudice and abject evil usurping their lives ? The answer ? A heinous distortion of morality according to an agenda composed by secularism and all who thrive, revel , self-edify and profit from this deceit. The media, the tabloids, the 'intellectual' academes of right and left, the 'dramatist' or 'social realist' have all usurped human dignity and authenticity for money, popularity, notoriety, influence, power or a soapbox to spew their vitriol; how can we possibly attempt to fight this debasement of morality ? Knowledge ! understanding their duplicity so as to never become corrupted or tainted with their warped ideologies - we have to be fully aware of their lies in order to confront them head-on.... In this aspect television is indeed a great teacher ; and if we cut ourselves off from it we become dangerously unaware and ill-informed regarding the natue of the enemy's prevailing contemporary strategies for destroying all that we hold as Good, Beautiful and True. In other words we have to know the enemy !

My goggle-box is staying put ; it's too great a risk to isolate myself from so much of humanity when they need to be both understood and helped in any way possible - I work as a shelf-stacker - for many of my colleagues outside the workplace the only 'escape' is in the realm of television and they are deeply influenced by it ; how am I supposed to interact or understand their perspectives if I don't know the manifest lies in the soaps, in the banale vindictive immorality of Jeremy Kyle and Trisha, in the deceptive socially 'realist' drama , in the selfish vitriol of the reprehensible 'loose women'?

Finally TV is fun ! I love so much of it ! amongst the ash there are diamonds which make me laugh, cry, empathise, understand so much more than I ever thought possible.

Our House has four televisions [no we're not rich - you wouldn't get £50 for all four of them at a pawnbrokers] - but frankly they are staying - they enrich all our lives too much.

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