Friday, 28 September 2007

What were they thinking of ????

{ If I was in His Holiness' place I would have been holding my hands together too - But in my case it would be to stop me slapping our smug ex-PM}

Tony Blair to deliver New York Catholic lecture

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will be the guest speaker at a major New York Catholic fundraising event.

Mr Blair has accepted the invitation by Cardinal Edward Egan to deliver the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on October 18, 2007, in the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

“We are most grateful to the former Prime Minister for accepting our invitation. In 1947, our speaker was another Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. It is a distinct honor that we will have Mr. Blair with us this year,” said Cardinal Egan.

Over the years, the Smith Dinner has raised millions for charitable works throughout Greater New York, especially in the area of health care for the needy.

The event honours the memory of Al Smith, the former governor of New York, who was the first Catholic to be nominated by a major political party to run for President of the United States. Although unsuccessful, historians maintain that the Governor’s presidential bid paved the way for the candidacy of President John F. Kennedy.

{ Now call me a little bit over-scrupulous if you wish, but TONY BLAIR!!!??? A man whose record of conspiring with the culture of death over the years is anathema to all catholicism stands for ? Turkeys wouldn't invite Bernard Matthews as a guest speaker, the NSPCC wouldn't be grateful for a guest appearance from King Herod; but Oh No ! Tony's married to a catholic and even attends mass, so he must be ok - mustn't he ? Well I hate to go all 'ad hominem' but if Tony Blair's brand of Christianity was around in ancient Rome the lions would have died from starvation...I think Cardinal Egan should be ashamed of himself; why doesn't he just go the whole hog and appoint Richard Dawkins as the foundation's honorary president ?}


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