Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Autumn Meme - from WhiteStoneNameSeeker

When does Autumn begin for you?

When the kids return to school. Long memories of kicking leaves all the way home - the smell of freshly polished parquet floors, new exercise books and damp's also the dark foggy mornings [relieved a little when the clocks go back]

What is your favourite aspect of Autumn?

The significant ends/beginnings to the months - The angelic feast days - Hallowe'en and All saints/souls days - the smell of burning wood/leaves and the gunpowder in the air from the fireworks.

What is your favorite Autumn memory?

The long walk home from Blackheath firework display with my friend Dean - hours of discussing life, the universe and everything in-between - and the stars were like dancing angels on midnight velvet... you felt like you needed to grab hold of the earth in case you were swept off into infinity....a really clear crystal sharp night where even one's breath seemed to be alive...everything just felt so real. I really should have said the night I met my partner [Oct 11 1992]- but that was an unmitigated fiasco I will recount some day when I've had too much alcohol...

What do you like to drink in the Autumn?

Coffee - milky , sweet; comforting in an assuringly inoffensive way.

What’s your favorite Autumn food?

cottage pie - Just beef mince, an onion, bisto best , creamy butery salty mashed potato - a little piece of heaven !

[I also dip cheese sandwiches in my coffee but that may revolt some!]

What is Autumn weather like where you live?

Constantly raining , bone chilling damp...either a freezing frosty night or days it rains forever, foggy's not mist - it's FOG!

What colour is Autumn?

Brown - mud everywhere, rotting leaves are brown, stews and coffee are brown - it's a root-vegetable season...

What does Autumn smell like?

Fog and wet tarmac.

Christmas shopping in Autumn?

Not bloody likely ! I'm still hunting for presents seconds before the last shop closes on christmas eve [and even then I'm running out to the local garage at midnight to see if uncle X wouldn't mind antifreeze and a pirelli poster and an out of date ginster's pastie for Christmas - No? will have to open one of my presents and pass it on instead ]

If you could go anywhere in the Autumn, where would you go?

Somewhere Eastern European - Prague , Budapest...etc

Do you have a favourite Autumn chore?

giving out sweets to the kids at hallowe'en - not staying in bed for the extra hour when the clocks go back because i'm to frightened my body clock will make me oversleep !

What is your least favourite thing about Autumn?

Lack of Money - It's always the time I develop holes in my shoes and the bills are always higher and the kids' christmas presents need saving up for - for some reason I seem to spend two months squelching every autumn because there's never enough money available for new shoes....

What is your favourite Autumn holiday?

The Truth ? Well I love going through the shops and seing what new things they are trying to flog for hallowe'en - and I love chocolate ! But if you mean rest away from the ratrace ? it's that little hour's extra sleep you can get when you've woken up way too early for work; got ready and been at the point of running out the door..then realise you have extra time to doze !!! that's worth a dozen fortnights in the bahamas !

What’s your favourite kind of pie?

What else ? steak & kidney - I'm english ! Two world wars and one world cup etc etc etc.

Do you have a favourite Autumn book?

Yes - Vatican by Malachi Martin - great book to read on the cosy dark nights - a great page-turner I use for a break from the intricate hyper-intelligent sci-fi or the 'deep' nineteenth century european literature....

How about a favourite Autumn poem?

I know I should say Keats' ode ; or something by Gerald Manley Hopkins - but it was one Autumn night waiting for a train home that I sat cross-legged on a dodgy electric heater reciting Chesterton's 'The Secret People' into a videocam for a documentary I was making - I had floppy brideshead hair, a new lace-up goth shirt, pirate boots, and it was the last time I wore my favourite raincoat before my dodgy landlord stole it. I was a vain git when younger...and the poem seemed to whisper authentic english 'enigmatic wisdom and hidden resources' - something I was certain I exemplified !!??? Those were the days !!!


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Funny you should mention Chesterton. After I had written how much I am NOT into poetry I did think I love 'Lepanto'.

Ttony said...

"I was a vain git when younger" :-)

I liked the post, though.