Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Trusting His Holiness...

I'm not worried about Cormac's successor at all.

Has His Holiness let us down yet ?

I think he is going to pull a blinder and astound us all - remember this pope is not deprived of curial experience like his predecessor - he's been around the corridors of power for so long he has floorpolish lining his lungs - he's heard so much gossip he isn't contaminated by it , he listens, he discerns and he has had the opportunity to learn about the underbelly of the church with all its endearing complexity and flawed humanity... he loves and understands these people.

John Paul II was like a police detective - given a set of facts and phenomena and involved suspects trying to fit them together into a coherent resolution relying on 'best practice' or 'tried and tested means'and a profound trust in the system [i.e. The Holy Spirit] to set things right.

Benedict's different - he's the brilliant amateur detective who has learnt through experience and interaction and a deep understanding of the human condition - he's the genius of Poirot - understanding a whole picture in the minutest detail , he's the empathic allusionist Marple comprehending the frailty of the human condition together with its strength and people's hidden depths, he possesses the calculatingly clinical mental dexterity of William of Baskerville contemplating possibilities and motivations the majority of us would never even consider...
But why is Benedict like this ? because despite being a good man , a loving man and an absolute megalithic genius who understood the mechanisms of theology in the most profound and intricate of ways - he was always instinctively aware of what he didn't know, didn't understand, and so he went out of his way to learn , to listen ,to watch, to interact, to understand...

Like a monk learns more about humanity through his prayer and contemplation in his cell; from behind his desk in the Holy Office our present pope grew to understand more about our clergy and the church militant and all its aspirations, misapprehensions ,regrets, failings, talents , capabilities but most importantly - its needs - than anyone would consider possible.
There's a saying about him, if a priest on a pacific island sneezes, Ratzinger's already said 'gezundheit'.

If there was anyone on the planet I would trust to ensure that we received the best possible shepherd - it would be His Holiness; admittedly there are subordinates who perform most of the assessments and scrutiny - but I sincerely believe that Benedict XVI is never far from any of his ultimate duties and responsiilities - although he relies on the complementary efficacy and capability of his 'few good men' to administrate his papacy; it has been many generations since we have had a Pontiff so critically aware of his responsibilities to the Church he serves...

I think we'll get a pleasant surprise...if I'm wrong, be assured that His Holiness has discerned and prayed over this crucial decision more than we can possibly imagine ; and the man chosen was most definitely the best option.


ancient clown said...


Just a thought here. Are you aware of the Papal Prophecies? Are you aware that the current pretender Pope is NOT the VOICE chosen by GOD, but by man.
The true Pope(Vicar of Christ, Glory of the Olive) is one of prophecy as mentioned BOTH in the Papal Prophecies and by Jesus regarding the 'End of Times'.
He is the 'Sign of Jonah' and the 'Son of Man' as foretold. He is FACTUALLY known as "Pope Vincent", not Benedict, who only chose that name to fit into the prophecy AFTERWARD.
The true Pope is here to establish GOD's JUSTICE on Earth, and destroy the corruption of the CHURCH.
"I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking."
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Anonymous said...

Pope John Paul 2 took his responsibilities very seriously..i think this picking & choosing which Pope is best is pretty divisive..& causes a lot of discord

On the side of the angels said...

Jackie, don't think you've read what I said; JPII was the man of raw spiritual talent and curial inexperience; but with a vast hard-earned knowledge of political machinations from his time in Poland. Benedict XVI is a completely different person with differing talents , capabilities and ways of approaching problems.
JPII is undeniably a saint - but it would be offensive to the truth for us to not acknowledge that some of his appointments within the church were somewhat naiive and trusting of the person's best qualities - JPII hoped the person; given a chance; would work to the highest ideals and to their best capabilities - he trusted them; and sometimes they excelled beyond wildest imaginings , ther times they let him down - bigtime ! Benedict is not like that ; he no longer lives in the realm where 'benefit of the doubt' or seeing the best within the clouds of uncertainty is an affordable price to pay - John Paul II promoted the potentially best ; Benedict promotes the provenly best - it's merely perspectives which neither condemn either but love and respect both - this is most certainly not divisive - this a love of God and gratitude in the diversity of talents and resources God has graced the Throne of Peter with.