Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Bearing witness ?

Gregory - a poster on the holy smoke blog has just announced to a thread that he truly believes in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and all that it teaches....

My response ?

What planet are you on ?

orthodox ?

dogmatic ?

faithful ?

rational ?

Oh dear - oh dear- oh dear...

All this namby-pamby , starry-eyed, head-shrinking pragmatism, situationism , relativism and conspiracy with secularism for you to jump into , revel in and thrive amongst the professional laity - such an opportunity to progress - and you defy it !!

You masochist you - you anachronistic glutton for punishment - next thing you'll be telling me you believe in original sin !!!

There will be tears before bedtime - taking up your cross and following Christ ? so passe dude ! have you considered chromatherapy, shiatsu or being reborn in the spirit at renewal ?

Is it possible that your prayer-life is indicative of bipolar disorder ?

Your adherence to these 'written in stone' tenets and morals hint that you could be slightly autistic ?

Do you hear voices ?

You seem to be talking of and talking to invisible entities rather than the spirit within you - rather than self-empowering the geist within you you seem to be making appeals to some external spiritual bogey ?

Could you possibly be suffering from schizophrenia ?

How is your relationship with your mother ? did your father beat you ? did a priest touch you in your bad place ? do you think all this religious fervour is overcompensation because you have a small....????

You're in trouble dude....[ref John 21]


Anonymous said...

Sorry don't find the bi-polar or schizophrenia references funny...

On the side of the angels said...

Sorry Jackie - but it wasn't intended to be funny - having had a wife with long term post-natal depression, a sister with schizophrenia , a brother in law with severe depression who has attempted suicide on many occasions - and a friend - possibly you've heard of him - truly one of the greatest lay activists promoting NFP and an orthodox catholic approach to the theology of the Body - Jeremy Pitt-Payne - has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and has been abandoned by his diocese and left to reform his life with his wife and many children with no assistance from anyone.

This was anger and meant to be deeply bitterly ironic - more and more we orthodox are being classified as either evil or mentally incompetent or mentally ill - had I thought for an instant that anyone would infer I was being disrespectful to anyone who suffered from these mental conditions I would never have stated it as such - BUT THIS HAPPENS !! It ocurs in seminaries, in dioceses and religious houses where any faithful devout adherents to our Faith and all Holy Mother Church holds dear is being categorised as deluded or mentally deranged - and you know as well as I that there are many out there who are truly suffering from mental disorders are being abandoned, disenfranchised or even worse left undiagnosed !

I am really sorry if I offended - but there was no intention - it was merely my attempt to symbolise the current social evils occurring around us which seek to destroy everything we stand for .