Tuesday, 20 November 2007

For Nostalgia Buffs : A Really Good Episode of Columbo !

If anyone is interested - Columbo's first name is Frank !
[close observation of a screen capture of his police badge]
He's also based on the character of Porphyry from
Dostoyevsky's "Crime & Punishment" - There are some classic episodes but some of the best moments are when he empathises with the killer and despite their actions he treats them with the utmost respect and dignity [ e.g. Donald Pleasance, Ruth Gordon, Janet Leigh...] - My mother's favourite moment is where Columbo loses his temper with Leonard Nimoy's murderous heart surgeon and catches him in the final three seconds !


Phil said...

"... just one other thing..." That little something that seemed to put every villan off guard each time as Columbo left the room. Columbo rocks!

BTW, I've lost your email. Would you mind emailing me as I have something to send you. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Angel Boy,

Knowing Columbo, who was always losing pencils, notebooks and matches, it was probably another detective's badge he'd borrowed.
I always suspected the character was based on Porphyry. Columbo is the only TV tec who loves his job, his wife and even gets on with his colleagues. He seeks justice but is never judgemental.
I love the episode where William Shatner plays a bumptious radio host. As he is arrested, he turns to Columbo and says: "I think I may have underestimated you, Lieutenant."
Columbo, humble as ever, replies: "That's possible, sir. That's possible."

gemoftheocean said...
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gemoftheocean said...

I'm a big Columbo fan too. (The 1st two seasons are on DVD - not sure about the others.) I like the one on the cruise ship. And of course we never see his wife, they keep missing each other. And I do like the one mentioned with Donald Pleasance....where he realizes all his precious stock of wine is now ruined, and he pours them all out.