Sunday, 25 November 2007

Good news on The St John & St Elizabeth Hospital

You can read all the details for yourself elsewhere,
but two cheers for the cardinal who for once, actually did his job!!!
This is surely going to cost the hospital money and contracts,
and certain hostile members of staff will certainly be abandoning ship [good riddance say I !!] but His Eminence is gaining plaudits from all
and sundry for standing by Catholic principles and ensuring a catholic
hospital by name remains one in nature - to what level have we sunk where we can possibly contemplate a situation where a Bishop doesn't do it ?

This was no brave radical act of catholic witness - this was a cardinal doing the very least of what we should have expected - and may I say this is certainly many years too late and perhaps if His Holiness had not intervened while still a cardinal -His Eminence may still be equivocating !!!

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