Friday, 23 November 2007

Is it Radical ? Is it Orthodox ?

I'm worried a little :

As well as trying to finish off "Father Elijah", the sci-fi hokum of 'Chasm City' by Alastair Reynolds, Balzac's 'Lost Illusions', von Balthasar's 'Love Alone is Credible' and Lukyanenko's 'The Night Watch' - I've just started reading 'Introducing Radical Orthodoxy' by James K A Smith....

This 'New Wave' is supposed to be a group of theologians who are heralding the future direction of Theology - I haven't read enough yet to make any conclusions yet - but I'm not exactly liking what I've read so far - this seems very far from my understandings of both radical catholicism and orthodoxy - think I might read a little Chesterton to purify my mind before I progress to the next few chapters - would truly appreciate every and any comment on this movement.

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Anonymous said...

I've always been perplexed by the subtitle to your blog. I've not read the book in question, but what don't you like about what you've read? What was your expectation of RO? I know little about RO, and while they seem to be very, very good at diagnosing the the present crisis of faith, somehow they still sound like "liberal" High-Anglicans to me. You might want to read 'Radical Orthodoxy? A Catholic Enquiry', edited by Laurence Paul Hemming, Ashgate, 2000.

To be honest, RO is a bit too complex for me, my money is on the Yale postliberal George Lindbeck.