Saturday, 24 November 2007

It Never Ends!!! Has he absolutely no shame ????

This from Damian Thompson's 'Holy Smoke' Blog

The Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Kieran Conry, has written a letter in which he describes Pope Benedict XVI’s solemn apostolic letter liberating the Latin Mass as merely an “opinion” that contradicts the views of earlier Popes.

Bishop Conry has flagrantly misrepresented the Pope

Conry has misrepresented the Pope in the past, but never so flagrantly as this. It is time for him to resign.

This is what the bishop wrote, to a traditionalist complaining about his hostility to the Pope’s letter Summorum Pontificum, issued in July:

“I would stand by all that I said, but I would reject the suggestion that [my comments] imply in any way a rejection of the Holy Father’s Petrine role and authority. But the matter is not one of doctrine or morals, and the Holy Father has expressed an opinion about the appropriateness of the so-called ‘Tridentine Rite’, in contrast, it must be pointed out, to the opinion of his predecessors, with whom, presumably, he disagrees. He has the same right.”

Where do we start? The apostolic letter is not an “opinion”; it forms part of the law of the Roman Catholic Church and it is the bishop’s duty to implement it. Pope Benedict does not disagree with his 265 predecessors – with the possible exception of Pope Paul VI (though I am sure that if Pope Paul could see the state of liturgy in the Church today he would welcome the Motu Proprio).

The Catholics of Arundel and Brighton are entitled to a bishop who is loyal to the Pope. Conry must go.
Is His Lordship being sincere ? If so, then he is too stupid to remain a bishop...
Go in Peace my Lord, but Go !!!

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