Thursday, 22 November 2007

Little Effort in Taking a Stand....

The head of Amnesty International in the UK has supported the organisation's new policy on abortion. In an interview for the Guardian newspaper, Ms Kate Allen dismissed the opposition of the Catholic Church as nonsensical, and revealed that only 222 out of a quarter of a million British members had resigned their membership, while 105 had increased their donations. [Guardian, 19 November]

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have written to all Catholic primary and secondary schools and sixth form colleges saying that they should no longer have ties with Amnesty and should not raise money for it.

Catholics are urged to continue to work for justice by putting into practice the social teaching of the Catholic Church by supporting other organisations. [From S.P.U.C. c/o Catholic Action UK]

{I'm sorry but writing ??? What about demanding/ordering/kicking bahookey until Amnesty is banned from every School and Parish ? If this figure of 222 is accurate then hardly any School or Justice & Peace group is making a stand for the Life of the Unborn - come on guys - Amnesty may have some groundbreaking policies defending the oppressed - but the price of Any Child's Life is too high to consort with these misguided Charity administrators}

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