Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My youngest is 11!!!

Feeling ancient...

Jonathan Gregory Connachie Priest - a big boy with a bigger heart has blessed us with more joy and wonder than anyone could think possible - although the most untidy boy on the planet ; his thoughtfulness and humour brings me to tears. Before having kids I really had very little idea what love was...He has already completed his birthday present [the simpson's game for the ps2 - so if any of you are thinking of buying it for a kid this christmas it may be better to rent it and buy a longer game] and the massive chocolate birthday cake from ASDA was heavenly and tasted home made ! [didn't last five minutes!]

He loves his slippers, adores his 'avatar' dvd's and even now is planning what to do with his birthday money....
I say all this as a sideline because Nicky and I are on tenterhooks about Jonathan's secondary school - all caused because the b&$£@* in charge of diocesan education decided to waste millions over the years and needed to destroy and sell-off our local catholic school. Luckily Jamie and Rowan miraculously managed to get into the local city technology college [Brooke-weston is one of the best in the country] ; but Jonathan is terrified - he could go to either a great school or one of three middling to diabolically terrible schools - and if he goes to the worst one his life will be hell - and there's nothing any of us can do about it now that every schoolkid's name is placed in a computer randomiser and placements are allocated accordingly. He's terrified and wakes in the night in tears - last year our diocesan education service's personal expenditure [not their wages or internal allocation of the millions of pounds in resources - basically this is just their petty cash] was £239,523 !!! there is no catholic secondary school in the entire northern part of the diocese , no sunday schools or catechetical lessons and tens of thousands of catholic kids are abandoned and disenfranchised - while a few clerics and their assorted professional laity buddies 'play at running an education service' and waste the faithful's 'widow's mite' hand over fist and close down schools [that catholic families and parishioners scrimped and saved for years to build] in order to pay for it ! may God forgive them because I want to sit the whole lot of them in a room and play them a video on a loop of my son sobbing his heart out !

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gemoftheocean said...

Dear Paul, sorry I caught this one late. What beautiful children you and your wife have produced! Nice work! As to your youngest, I can only imagine all the anxiety you are all going through now. When will he find out? You'd think these educational pinheads would have a clue and allocate a place for your youngest, merely based on the fact that his older two siblings have attended there - it's asking parents to juggle with too many different time schedules etc.

I will pray for your son. It's awful seeing a child miserable at school. If he's anything like his dad, I'm guessing he's an exceedingly bright boy. ANY chance of having a word with the headmaster and doing an end around the system? If worse should come to worst, would there be any chance of him getting a scholarship to a reasonably nearby boarding school?

Is there a school psychologist? Or one for the district? From what you describe, he seems (like his dad) a very sensitive young fellow. A wrong school placement could end up being detrimental. And from what I've read about the UK educational system, placement is critical to his future. One wrong step, and it could be hard to get on the right ladder.