Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wonder if I can buy some Judas dolls for the Bishop's conference ?

Faith based toys for Christmas

Talking Jesus toys, bearded Moses models, and muscle-bound Goliath figures are part of a range of faith-based action toys being marketed by a US company.

Independent Catholic News reports that One2believe's products are designed to offer an alternative to dolls and toys that promote and glorify evil, destruction, lying and cheating.

"In the girls' aisle where the dolls would be, you see dolls that are promoting promiscuity to very young girls. Dolls will have very revealing clothes on, G-string underwear," Mr Socha said.

“What we offer instead is something faith-based that is not only fun to play with but also is solidifying a person's spiritual journey", he said.

Mr Socha said all the toys have been tried and tested on Sunday school and church groups who loved them.

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