Monday, 3 December 2007

Was it something I said ?

Time was when there were ten blogs which used to have a link to this one - now after a quick look round this figure has reverted to three - I'm truly sorry if I've offended anyone and I'm sorry if this is boring and not exactly your cup of tea - but things have been rough recently and I've barely had any time to compose on here so most postings have been a cut-and-paste job...nevertheless I have tried sometimes - maybe I should give this up a a busted flush ? don't know - will give it till the end of the month and then think about it.


Fr Justin said...

By a complete coincidence, I discovered the other day that I hadn't linked to you — a complete oversight. I found you today to remedy that, and discovered this post. I don't know why the others dropped your link, but I enjoy reading your comments here and elsewhere. I have, by the way, now put a link here from my site, to prove it!

Marianne said...

I really enjoy reading your blog every day, don't give up! It can be pretty lonely sometimes working in and for the the Church in mostly heterodox environment( though I am blessed to work for a wonderful parish priest), so keep posting in the orthodox blog world. We would miss you very much! By the way how are you getting along with Fr Elijah?

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, it would be a real shame. There are more people read your blog than you think!

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the previous posters. Please don't give up! You drive me mad 10% of the time and hugely inspire me 90% of the time,and I'd hate life without you!

Psiomniac said...

You drive me mad 90% of the time but just occasionally, probably via the processes of blind chance, you type sense.
Give up or don't, I can't muster the suspension of disbelief necessary to pretend that it amounts to a hiil of beans, but for goodness sake, if you are going to flounce, make it stylish!

gemoftheocean said...

Nooooooo!!!!!!! People go in and out of slumps. Leave some more comments around in the blogosphere, dude!!

[If I haven't offended everybody by now, I figure I'm not doing my job![

Hells, bells, man, you and I had a go around over capital punishment -- that still doesn't mean I'm not going to read your stuff and agree with a lot of what you say. People who always agree with you(one) get boring! :-D

It's the holidays and people are sort of slagging off with this and that.

I've been busy of late not making my "usual rounds" so sorry if you've felt neglected.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I must be one of the three-'cuz you're still in my blogroll.
Karen's right-pop in to other blogs and say hello now and then.
Keep bloggin'on

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging!

Phil said...

I'm honoured to be one of the three as well. Keep on rolling!

Anonymous said...

If I had a blog I would link to yours. I read your comments often on other peoples' blogs, expecially Damian Thompson's. You write brilliantly - wittily and sensibly (generally!). I think you should have your own newspaper column or write a book. Stacking shelves in ASDA is a worthy occupation but you have a great talent at writing which you should use to the max.

Happy Christmas!

Phil said...

I agree with 'manwithoutablog'!

Merry Christmas

On the side of the angels said...

you're all too sweet: Sorry over recently but things have just been too , much - eye , flu, work kids being sick , friends having problems etc..will be blogging from tomorrow evening.
Psiomniac I love you too.
Marianne I finished Fr Elijah a couple of weeks back - it was cool ![will comment further later]
Fr Justin - I aint worthy to loosen your blog's sandals.
Philip, Jackie , Gemster and Stonester - ditto , but I don't deserve it.
As for the man without a blog ? if you're attempting to hide your identity a tiny bit of advice: don't use colloquialisms associated with yourself - worthy - to the max?? Thankyou and a merry christmas to you too - and you all !

Soutenus said...

I know I am at least #4 :-)
(for maybe a month or so now) -- just found you. Don't go!

Anonymous said...

Just found out a few days ago that you have me blogrolled. Thank you, kind sir. And having only just discovered your blog and read through it, I thought it might cheer you up to know I have returned the favor. It's very good. Don't give it up.

Cate (aka Catarina thanks to Fr. Justin)