Sunday, 13 January 2008

Aaaaaggghhhh - The consequences of vanity !!!

Nicky has a big executive weekend approaching - Posh Hotel, West-end show, London eye, management skill 'games' - you know the sort - massive wastes of expenditure to make a manager feel they are worthwhile and important.
Well Nicola does not want me to embarass her any more than is necessary - so wielding dark blue hair was a no-no - she wanted it brown so I had to obey ; I bleached my hair [screaming on the floor for 90 mins while big chunks of scalp came away in my hands] last week leaving it white with huge pink/copper streaks - so a
temporary surface dye was necessary before I can dye it to a mid ash-brown .
It looked fine for the first few days but now I resemble a duracell battery - yes I am a 'ginge'; and will remain so for another week at least ! Does it make a difference ? You bet - yes we are that shallow !

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