Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I do not believe this !!!???
I was transferring the Novel's prologue and the highly edited versions of the following three chapters when the whole p.c. crashed and wouldn't restart - and now the software won't work !!
this means I have to re-start on the prologue from scratch !
I wouldn't have minded but it was the best bit !!! The following few chapters were merely setting the scene for a flashback for two related novellas and the denouement finale novella - all coming together in one magnum opus !
Three weeks work vanishing into the ether !

All I can do to compensate is temporarily publish the first three unedited [i.e. filled with waffle/tautology and over-description] chapters - and write a precis for the prologue - hopefully to print the full version in a couple of days .
I am embarassed beyond imagining and can do nothing but apologise.


Anonymous said...

Computer crashing!Too awful to contemplate! lol

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Oh Paul! I've had that happen to me! I sat and cried. It's when you could really HATE computers.
I'm really enjoying reading this story. It's all in your head-to quote Mrs McCreedy from Chicken Run-so brace yourself and write.

Go for purple. LOL!

God bless